My new Album, completely recorded with loopy HD

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I published my first album today (electric bass solo improvisations, jazz/funk stuff) and it was completely recorded with loopy HD over the course of a year (on an Ipad 1!) and mixed and mastered in the studio later.

Why do I post this here?
I just want to say a big thank you to michael for giving us loopy - for me its the heart of my whole record equipment and I normally prefer analogue stuff (effects etc.).
And I want to show whats possible with loopy and that it is stable for serious recordings. :)

Take care,

PS: Michael, if you should like the music, send me an email and I send you a free download code.


  • Nelio,
    Congrats on the new album! Please post a link to it or let us know which online distro you're using.

    I would be VERY interested to read over how you've accomplished this using Loopy on an iPad 1. I've had Loopy for a couple of months and want to move to playing live, solo bass shows. Do you use a MIDI footswitch? If so, which one? How do you get MIDI in/out of your iPad?


  • I cant believe hat i forgot to include the link lol
    so, here it is:

    The setup for the recording was the following:
    electric bass/fretless bass -> various effects (used when necessary; flanger, phaser, etc.) -> Tech21 SansAmp Bass Driver -> High-Class Reverb Pedal -> Ipad1 sitting in an Alesis IO Dock.
    I tried a simple audio-dongle before ("iRig") but the problem is, that the internal microphone of the ipad cant be muted and will be active all the time. Not a good idea. My intention was to have the best possible audio quality during the recording, so that I dont have to fix things in hte mix.

    In the loopy app I had various drumloops and build loops around them until I had a solid base. After that I started soloing over the tracks and recorded that with loopy too.
    To prepare the IPad for a session I followed the steps I recommended here some time ago:

    Later on I exported the tracks from loopy, converted them to .wav-files with Audacity, imported them to Ableton Live and started mixing and "mastering" (as far as one can master tracks at home).

    I never tried Midi, because it wasnt necessary for me. I prefer to work quick and without hassle, but at home I have enough time to push the button - its not a live-situation at a gig. But, the Alesis IO dock got Standard Midi In/Out and even an USB-Midi-Port.
    I heard the beringer-Midi-footpedal is working well with it:

    Loopy worked stable on the Ipad1 and thats kind of a miracle, regarding the low system memory. It did crash sometimes when I recorded a solo for like 10 minutes or so. To be honest, I personally would not rely on it on an IPad1 in a live situation, but thats in no way loopys fault. After every IOS-Update the IPad behaves slower - sometimes I cant even load the starting page of the iTunes Shopping App...

    Kind regards,

  • Wow, @nelio, that's simply amazing - congratulations, and kudos for such a cool use of the tech!

  • Thank you, Michael.

    I got a pretty decent home studio, but Loopy+Alesis IO Dock is really the central piece of my recording equipment, because it's so easy, fluid and flawless to record with it.
    I could do all the things in Ableton, but when I play music I want to play music and reduce fiddeling with knobs to a minimum.

    Some of the features I like the most:
    -Instant change of loop length: I can lay a 8 beats Bassloop, add a 16 beats loop with melody/chords, add a 32 beat loop with effects (flageolettes etc.) and then solo in a 312213 beat loop over that. Amazing.
    -Easy Monitor-Mixing: Panning, adjust the volume of a track. Important when working with various inputs (instruments, mics)
    -Import of Drumtracks: I can have hundreds of drumtracks at hand and can exchange them instantly if a track doesn't fit to the loops
    -Export as single tracks to my DAW for mixing

    Kind regards,

  • Neil, Great stuff.

  • Listening now... looks like I'm gonna have to buy the album.

    ; p

    Great work!

  • Inspirational stuff. I started off many years ago with loads of old analogue keyboards, then moved onto soft synths and spent many years in front of the computer wishing I was outside in the sunshine. Now I have everything I need on my Ipad mini to get the ideas down whilst sitting in the sun. There is something fantastic about being able to make music when inspiration strikes that is magical. You take things from the environment around you that is hard to capture in the darkness of the studio, which has it's place, but for me, has never been a place where ideas come easy. To be honest, I have been a bit creatively overwhelmed at the possibilities this way of working has opened up for me. And Audiobus is a revelation. Well done the man.

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