Audiocopy only recognizes "Loopy" and not "Loopy HD"

I can't seem to paste any audio into Auria from Loopy, as it simply doesn't show up as an App to paste from in Audiocopy. I have the up to date versions of all three apps as of today. I realize this might be a problem with Audiocopy and not with Loopy

As an alternative (should this part be its own thread?), I might be okay using Audiobus to route my Loopy HD tracks into Auria, but I can't seem to quite figure that out either. It's super easy to set this up in Garageband so I don't know why it isn't straightforward in Auria. I'm brand new to iPad recording, though I have used Loopy on the iPod touch quite a bit, with some success audiocopying within that environment.

Thanks for any help!


  • Okay, so I've figured out that removing the Audiocopy App allows me to paste from the general pasteboard. Works for me!

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