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Alesis IO Mix 4

Hi all!

I'm new with loopy and this forum... so thanks for your help... this place is really usufull!

Well... a quick question if possible: is Loopy Hd compatible with Alesis IO Mix 4?




  • http://www.thomann.de/gb/alesis_io_mix.htm http://www.thomann.de/gb/alesis_io4.htm loopy hd should work with both interfaces. but be aware io mix has no midi connection. you will need midi to connect a pedalboard or other controller to operate loopy.
  • Hi,
    really thanks for your reply!

    my problem was this post: 

    But it is strange... because i think that Loopy HD is Core Audio Compliant, right?

    thanks for your support and help!
  • Loopy HD is definitely core-audio class compliant. 

    The way iOS handles audio interfaces can lead people to believe their hardware or app is "broken". For example, something as simple as having a web browser open before you open Loopy and connect your dock ... Can sometimes make your gear simply not work.  

    You'll learn the habit of 1. Force closing all apps, 2. Opening your main music app (or audiobus). 3. Only then connecting the audio interface or Dock, or some similar process. 

    The process is rock solid with Loopy and a lot of music apps, it just takes a certain setup routine to keep the whole system happy 
  • Great thanks a lot all for your help!

    now my last dubt is about alesis io4: i read that is possible to use only Two channels in the same time with loopy HD or Garage band. Do you know in is it true? 

  • @Glinteraction - Loopy HD only records 1 track/loop at a time. It can record 1 channel (mono) or 2 channels as stereo (Left - Right) to the track/loop. Garage band I haven't really played with much, so I can't say.
  • edited December 2015
    It's true.  But $10 of app purchases will allow you to route all inputs into Loopy HD.

    • Audiobus is $5 and routes audio to Loopy HD.  You can put each io4 input in and send the mix straight to Loopy
    • Audiobus Multi-routing IAP is $5 and allows you to route multiple inputs thru lots of different apps to Loopy. I'm not sure if this is needed for your scenario.
  • As @Hmtx said, Audiobus is your savior!

  • Thanks for your reply... but sorry was my fault with english.
    I talked about the input channel of io4... i read something about the problem to use all 4 input at same time... with loopy or other app that don't recognize 2 of 4 input...

    Sorry for the mistake...

  • I think we are agreeing with you. Yes, there is a limit within loopy, only 2 inputs, even if your hardware has more.

    But the solution is to route the 4 channels through audiobus, which will record the inputs into loopy all together

  • Great! Thanks fir your support!

  • Hi @Glinteraction
    I think what you are asking is if it's possible to send all channels in to the iPad at the same time. The IO mix can send only a stereo mix, so, two channels, but all four can be in the mix.
    The description of the IO mix 4 sounds like if you are using 16 bit conversion, you can use all four in but 24 bit only allows 2 in at a time. And, according to the description, the io mix4 has midi in and out. Looks pretty cool.

    Alesis iO4, 4 Channel USB 2.0 Audiointerface 24bit / 48kHz, 4 Mic-/Line-/Instrument Inputs (XLR and 6,3 mm Jack) with Phantompower and insert on each channel, Phantompower switchable for channel 1/2 and 3/4, High-quality A/D and D/A converters, discrete-design preamps, knob for mix of directsignal and DAW signal, Outputs: 4x 6,3 mm bal. Jack, 1x 6,3mm Headphones, Headphonesout selectable: channel 1/2, channel 3/4 and Mixout, Midi 1x In and 1x Out, Bitrate selectable (16bit 4in - 4out, 24bit 2in - 2out), Tricolor stereo level meter and lighted status indicators for visual monitoring, includes USB cable, AC Adaptor, Software CD incl. Software Cubase LE, Plug and Play for Mac OSX, Windows XP, Vista and 7, dimensions: 165 x 225 x 43 mm, weight: 600 gr.

  • the io mix doesn´t have midi in out but the io4 has.

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