RC-30 to RC-300 and BACK TO BASICS

Hey Guys,
I've spent quite a while reading forum posts but I still haven't found the answers I need so here goes:

I'm a comedian trying to loop and use music in my comedy.

I bought an RC-30 but quickly discovered that it wasn't able to do the things that I wanted (map pedals, use more than two tracks, act as a soundboard) etc. So I returned it and bought an RC-300 which arrived today. Now, it WILL do what I want but this thing is HUGE and cumbersome and it strikes me that my I'd be better off using my Mac or my iPhone/iPad.

I've ordered a KM 12 Step (purchased over the Softstep as it seems more durable)

And I have Loopy HD on my iPhone 6. I also have a first gen iPad mini but I'm trying to keep the system as small and portable as possible; also I update my iPhone every year and the Mini is getting old.

So. What I now need is an audio interface that supports a 12 Step foot controller and either a build in mic
or xlr

Here are my questions to you all.

  1. The one thing I did like about the RC-30 is that it would run on battery power. Are there any portable audio interfaces that run on battery power?
  2. Are there any audio interfaces that can clip to a mic stand or something? I'd want to be able to see my iPhone while performing. I saw the Apogee One/Duo but I'm not sure they will take a midi in and they seem very expensive for what they are.
  3. The other thing I like about a hardware loop solution is it seems less likely to break and/or crash. Is there something in this? Have you been live performing and had loopy crash or freeze on you?
  4. How customisable is loopy for the pedals?
  5. Would a 1st Gen iPad mini be able to deal with it?
  6. Is there anyone who uses both an RC-30 and Loopy or do you find yourself just using one over the other?

Anything I haven't thought of would be great.

Thanks in advance. :)

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