New midi user looking for live performance solution

I decided to go to an all iPad music rig for guitar. I Just picked up a IK Blueboard to use in conjunction with audiobus and jamup/bias which i already have. I have a few questions about getting the setup to do what i want it to do. Keep in mind i have never used a MIDI controller before so clear explanations are appreciated! :)

I would like to be able to use jamup/bias along with a drum loop app so i can have some drum (and maybe other instrument) backing tracks. I don't really want to do any drum programming but i would like to be able to use the Blueboard to switch between drum parts (verse, chorus, back to verse). Is there any apps that would allow me to switch drum loops with the blueboard? How would i set up audiobus to do this? Also, can you use the blueboard to change drum loops and guitar patches in Bias at the same time by assigning different switches to each program?

As far as setup is concerned, i know Loopy HD is a popular app that might allow this. Would this program work the best for what i describe? Do you need to be running a DAW like garageband for the output of the drum app and jamup? Sorry for the extensive questions but i am really hoping i can get this sorted out! Thanks!


  • @tomsy49,

    In Loopy HD, you can import audio files that you provide (or have composed) and paste them into a maximum of 12 circular loops. You can bind your BlueBoard's MIDI program changes to Loopy's "Next track," "Previous track," "Mute selected track," and "Record selected track." The trick with the BlueBoard set up, is, since you're limited to 4 pedals (possibly 6, if you have two additional TRS pedals for the side input jacks), is keeping track of which track is which and where you are in your performance. Now, if only Loopy allowed you to attach text labels or rearranged their loops in a tableview playlist...

    Here's a video that demos the set-up and features of the iRig BlueBoard, and how to MIDI bind control input into Loopy:

    But, if you're looking for an app with playlists that you can import and label your own backing tracks, there's AnyTune, which was featured as the iRig BlueBoard App of the Week:

    Here's the link to the video, showcasing the play next and previous track features:

    AnyTune has a free app to try, but it doesn't come with MIDI IN, which is an in-app purchase. But, it could be worth it, since it's optimized for practicing and live performance. Here's the link to AnyTune Pro+ for $14.99:

    Here's the free version of AnyTune:

    Good luck,


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