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I recently downloaded the loopy HD app. I'm playing my flute and just using the iPhone (no attached speaker). The first loop records fine, but the second loop sounds like the sound is maxed out! This works fine on my iPad, but it won't work on the phone!


  • More info. I iPhone is not hooked up to anything. I'm just playing my flute on the first loop. When I select the second loop, I play fine, however when I play both loops back, it sounds like speaker overload! I've checked the volumes and all is ok. So this time I tried recording the first loop, and after recording, I muted it before starting my second loop. Both individual loops turned out great, BUT... When played together....then I get this horrible overload sound......help! I'd like to play my flute with my iPhone without dragging along a mic! Help!

  • @Ivorytear - are you using headphone/earbuds? Typically if you want to us the built-in mic you will need to use headphones, as the built-in speaker output will be recorded back in and the built-in mic is not extremely directional (records every thing in the proximity. By muting the first loop when recording the second this should be minimized. Set your iphone on a soft surface, as a hard surface with conduct sound and ambient noise to the iphone mic. You might also try turning OFF Monitoring if you ar not using headphones. Any chance you could upload the 2 loops so wwe couold take a look/listen.

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    Are ALL the setings the same? you might try copying the loops from the iphone to the ipad and see if the reaulst are the same when played back.

    See my responce to your other post:

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  • I'd also recommend checking your input gain - could be it's just too high.

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