A higher spec Loopy?

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(I made another closely related post today,but I'd like to focus a discussion).

I'd like to see an improved Loopy,maybe an upgrade or alternativeversion alongside the original.

I'm aware of the fact that it's a lot of work,and that it goes beyond Michael's original intentions.
I've a feeling that,among interested people - serious artists,tinkerers,pro and semi pro giggers,and the deluded - there would be a good deal of interest,and a willingness to pay.

It seems to me that Loopy is not that far off from being a viable go-to tool for everyone,as it has huge potential advantages over any of the other solutions,but whether the changes are possible or likely,I don't know.

As it stands,there are a few options for dedicated live looping performers.
Although everyones needs are different,the absence of a self contained modular solution is surprising.

I'm going to leave hardware loopers out,and look at what's currently available using computers.

Before mentioning any of the control related drawbacks of laptops etc,the most obvious downside in using any of this equipment is the complete lack of a USER FRIENDLY GUI.

I've tried Mobius,Augustus Looper,and every other VST I could find.Loopy is streets ahead on the GUI and general operability.
Add to that the fact that it has touchscreen which makes it all the more suitable.

No matter which route you go,none of the solutions are completely self contained as regards functionality or user control.

The closest I've found is Ableton Live 8,and that's what I currently use.
It's obviously a full-featured DAW,but I'll get to that part later.

If you're only interested in the LOOPING features,you're going to be disappointed by the frustrating user experience and control.

Spend a month or two searching Youtube and the Ableton forums and you'll see that,for any decent functionality,you are drawn into a never ending series of workarounds and add-ons.There is no clear or clean basic solution to running and controlling multiple loops.

I realise that looping is a bit of a niche market,but to see even the best artists using a macbook pro and Ableton workarounds is telling - and there seems to be a fair amount of interest in exactly how they are achieving it.

Usually they are using complicated internal commands and add-ons like Max For Live,Bome's Midi Translator,ClyphX etc - all to achieve things that Loopy either does,or could hopefully be programmed to do.

The obvious main thing Ableton has going for it is the ability to route individual loops to effects processes,but (and Michael will know better than me,I'm not a tech guy or programmer) - I believe that 8 channel audio sends are possible within IOS,so sending individual loops from a looper to an effects processing app looks to be possible in the near future.

If a user friendly midi or OSC routing app is available or planned,then it (along with the above and a few essential functions) would make Ableton and the rest obsolete for loopers.

The last part is for the dedicated musician,whether your a pro or home user.
The iPad,and tablets in general,are moving from being seen as toys to moving toward mid to high-end capability (with regard to home recording,not mega-bucks studios).

The RME UCX audio interface is designed to record 24bit 96kHz audio into the iPad.It's expensive (€1100),but it's high quality,and others will likely follow.It is class compliant,very low latency,and has its own built in reverbs,eq and compressor etc.

In the near future we'll see multi-channel audio passed between iPad (or other tablet) apps,or routed out through the likes of the RME in 8 (or more) channels to be processed externally.

Once that happens,the iPad will be a serious alternative to using a PC or Mac for small projects for the majority of independant musicians.

This might be only months away.I'm on the verge of having to buy a good audio laptop for live gigs,but I'd rather use the iPad (with internal multi-channel routing),Loopy,an RME UCX,and a midi foot-pedal board....and keep my current laptop for heavier processes and large files.

Possible Live Looping performance AND good quality recording setup
Ableton Live.........................................€399
Max For Live........................................€199 (ish)
Pro laptop...........................................€2000 (ish)
RME UCX..............................................€1100
Headaches,2month's convoluted setup......?


iPad.................................................. €500 (ish)
Loopy Pro [multi channel sends etc :-) ]....???
RME UCX.............................................€1100
Multi track DAW app...............................? (around say €30)
Hopefully integrated minimum fuss setup :-)

Again,apologies for the long post.Any comments or expressions of interest/disinterest welcome.

I'd also think that if the new Loopy functions could be built in to a new version,it'll attract far more people who want an integrated elegant "professional (ugh) " solution,but who don't currently use Loopy because of the audio limitations.


  • Jumbo,

    I would consider myself on the lower end of the spectrum as far as busy gigging performers go, but I have long dreamed of using a looper live with the abilities that Loopy (almost) has. I started my search (before investing in equipment) about 9 months ago and was shocked at the capabilities Loopy has when I came across it. Just about everything you posted is a shopping list of what I would consider a high end app. I am in full agreement about your idea of an ultra HD version of Loopy, and I too wonder if Michael would have the time/interest/financial incentive to produce it.

    Thanks for your detailed post because this forum needed someone with your Ableton experience to sound off about the future potential of Loopy.

    Michael's biggest cheerleader,

  • Hey @Jumbo, what pedal board is in your dream setup with the fireface ucx?

    I have a fireface UC and am considering upgrading to the UCX for the compliant thing.

    I haven't seen the UCX midi breakout cable - but I presume it's basically the same as the UC's which is the 5 pin midi. I guess the thing missing is a usb input for usb midi devices such as the softstep. - like the focusrite iTrack Dock.

  • What you guys seem to be interested in is already happening in some capacity. Check out Loopy Masterpiece Edition if you haven't yet. It is still in the works, but is going to have a lot more flexibility and features that will probably change the game forever.

  • Jumbo's original post was from May 2012. If he is still around, I'm sure Masterpiece will be great news to him.

  • I didn't even notice that since this popped up as top feed lol

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