(Demo) Replacing the Boss RC-50 with Loopy and DrumPants wireless MIDI controller

Hey everyone, just wanted to share how Cello Joe and I figured out how to replace his large, 30 lbs. Boss looping pedal with Loopy HD and the DrumPants Bluetooth MIDI controller. Here's a video of the final result:


It took us a while to figure out how to get Loopy to behave like the RC-50, but I think we got a good approximation so Joe didn't have to re-learn much of his set. Here's the settings we used:

You have to turn on "Count-in recording" and "count-out" and "overdub after record" in the Track Management settings. Then you can control how long the overdub will automatically record for in the Orange sidebar (we usually stuck with "1").

Then, we assigned the DrumPants foot pedals to the following in the MIDI Bindings screen:

  • Toggle record and select next track
  • Select next track
  • Select previous track
  • Toggle session pause and restart
  • Clear track

The DrumPants have 12 triggers total, so we assigned some others as more of an experiment, but this set up basically let him keep looping in the same way, while being able to ditch that huge pedal and instead keep his entire looping setup in his pocket! He was also able to interact with Loopy using only the foot pedals - never had to touch the screen once!

The DrumPants are wireless so it was extremely easy to just turn them on and connect to the iPad without dealing with cables and power supplies. We used the DrumPants app to send custom MIDI CC messages to Loopy.

Have any of you used the RC-50 and do you have any tips to replicate its functionality with Loopy?


  • Oops, sorry the video starts at the beginning. Cello Joe part starts about :50 seconds in, but somehow the forum player doesn't respect links to a specific time.

  • @odbol, loopy/rc 50, that's quite another cup of tea (incompareable).


    @Michael said: Hey Otis - the verse/chorus workflow isn't directly addressed yet in Loopy, aside from the additional MIDI bindings (Toggle record, then record next track, Mute and play next muted track). I plan to dig into this properly for an upcoming project =)

    if you like loopy as it is now you won´t need workarounds. loopy is the best looper i know for looping tracks arranged in parallel.
    but with some existing bindings you can make it work sequentially (f.i. ´solo track´).

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