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Incorrect BpM Display and adjustments

hi at all ...
i'm a new user of loopy hd and i wanna use it
in a prof. way. BUT: if i import a loop via audioshare
the shown BpM is complete different than the real Tempo.
i tried it out with a handfull of different loops, with different
BpMs. allways the same: a wrong BpM is displayed.


best wishes


  • Did you reset your session?

  • loopy converts imported loops to loopys internal tempo. when no tempo is set in loopy (reset session) as @ABrokenRecord mentioned above the original tempo of the imported file will set loopys tempo.
    just tested. works.

  • thanks for answering ... but: it doesn't work!
    i made a reset and loaded a beat with exactly 128 BpM.
    Loopy showed me 85,3 BpM in the display!!!
    Not one imported loop shows me the real BpM ...
    So Loopy HD is a quiet nice toy, but not more ... for me

  • hi, it will be your most-loved toy when you go to preferences/track management and set ´fit..adjust...match...scale...imported loops´ to ´on´ (i don´t know the right word that you will find in the english version of loopy...i´ve a german translation...)... see attachement....(importierte Loops anpassen = AN)

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