Loopy hd and multiple outs

I'm about to get akai eie 4 in 4 out usb audio/midi interface but since loopy is the master brain of my looping universe I started wondering: does Loopy support multiple outs? Even better, does it support multiple outputs via audiobus?


  • Not yet, unfortunately! I wanna do it, but I've not gotten round to it yet.

  • An EIE interface... Wouldn't that be an EIE IO? :-0

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    Cheers @Michael now that you have the masterpiece on your hands it's probably gonna be a while ;) I'm using the mimix at the moment but would be nice not to have to use dedicated apps because of ram availability.

    Yep, that's the one! @muzza

    Edit: anyway I don't resent masterpiece at all, I think you're doing some cool job there, and community based, interesting that not many developers do that, if any. Nice one dude.

  • Hehe, thanks @Supadom =)

    Out of curiosity, what're you planning on using the multiple out stuff for?

  • I'm using loopy as a master for my audiobus set up that also involves turnado, samplr, sunrizer and Magellan. Because I play live with a drummer I'm trying to find a way to send him a click track on a separate channel. Mimix is still a little buggy too as I found recently as it resets back to main output so it isn't stable enough for me. @Michael Would it be a lot of work to implement multiple outs in loopy or/and audiobus?

  • Ahh, that old chestnut. Seems to me that 99.99% of the multi out use cases are click track to drummer.

    And the answer is "kinda, yes", but the answer you're looking for is yes, I'm absolutely gonna implement support for this use case, both into Loopy (HD, as well as more flexible multi-out in Masterpiece), and general multi-out in Audiobus. Can't give you a time frame just yet, but "soonish" =)

  • Since loopy, AFAIK is predominantly used in a 'live' way I'd see it as a pretty useful (important) feature. It kinda brings us back to the general philosophy of integrating ipad into a broader musical context. I found that if one is to use loopy with a full band then staying in sync becomes an important issue. This is not only when it comes to playing with a drummer but any other musician that wanted to play along to loopy. I've done that too and it has worked apart from times when there was no obvious rhythmical reference for other musicians to go by. I've been asked if what I'm doing with the drummer could be done in the folk context and my answer was: yes but depends. Had I had a separate click track my answer would have been 'hell yeah'.

    I understand that people who use it like that, account for a minute portion of your custom base but those are the people that will make up for this difference by using this on stage and therefore spreading the word even further.

    Masterpiece sounds like a fine project but it will almost definitely be more resource hungry so probably not as usable for those on a tight budget or resistant to yearly updating trend.

    I think the best solution would be to implement it within audiobus so it can be utilized by other apps but I can imagine that would open another can of worms with the new sdk etc.

    Thanks for your replies anyway ;)

  • I'll definitely be doing both - Loopy and Audiobus use the same audio engine at their core (The Amazing Audio Engine, another project of mine), so when I implement it for one, I'll actually be implementing it for both. So yep, this is coming.

  • @Michael said:
    I'll definitely be doing both - Loopy and Audiobus use the same audio engine at their core (The Amazing Audio Engine, another project of mine), so when I implement it for one, I'll actually be implementing it for both. So yep, this is coming.

    Hey @Micheal , Loopy and Audiobus are Game changers for the iPad and music so well done!!

    Im a singer songwriter looking to bring in some sweet pre recorded loops on stage while Im playing with a drummer to a click , So i got the old Softstep 2 and Itrack Dock , I would love to loop the click to the drummer from the dock , it seems thats not quite there yet, I thought the only other option is to get the drummer to have a separate click track and then he leads the performance and I trigger my loops to his beats....

    could we get a bunch of people to give you more money to start work on the Multi Output system?? Its worth some extra dosh for sure!



  • Cheers Gaz =)

    Let me just bump it up my priority list - I'll get to it ASAP! I know there're a bunch of folks waiting on it.

  • This is how I use mimix for the click on separate hardware out. Pasted from pm i just wrote to Gaz but thought others might be interested in this:

    Hi Gaz. I've been using this system for a month or so and it all works well. I basically have a separate pipeline with loop with click loop in the input and mimix in the output. Then route that mimix track to one of the spare outs on your hardware interface. It works well with akai EIE v1. I have main out (in the back) routed to pa and headphone out goes to drummer (there is a switch 1,2 2,4 and all and I have it set to 3,4. The only issues to look out for is that mimix listens to midi so if you're using midi controllers make sure mimix doesn't accidently picks them up. You can just go to mimix midi settings and set all midi to 0. Hope this helps.

  • Good workaround!

  • @Michael said:
    Good workaround!

    I'd rather you keep working on masterpiece rather than messing with loopy's separate outs to be completely honest ;)

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