Best MIDI/XLR interface option for loopy?

edited April 2012 in Equipment
Looking for recommendations on the most stable midi/xlr interface for use with an iPad (midi for foot pedal control, xlr for vocals, although I could run 1/4" if that's the best option). I currently use a roland loop station, which is rock solid and stable, but no where near as flexible (or gorgeous) as loopy. I'm somewhat terrified, however, of on-stage digital meltdown/catastrophe, particularly anything involving startling noises, as I've heard can happen with the alesis dock. Clearly the software is here (Wow, Michael, I am totally blown away!), but is there hardware out there with sufficient quality & stability for professional use? I hope someone will allay my fears because I do love loopy!


  • Thanks heaps for the kind words @EddaGlass =) Hopefully someone will be able to answer you! I personally have no experience of this kind, so I'm going to be rather useless unfortunately.
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