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Loopy: Masterpiece Edition - the journey begins



  • Can't wait to be a part of this. Loopy has changed my musical outlook on live performances and let me sell off my old loopers for a constantly changing unit at a much cheaper price.

  • Thanks, @ABrokenRecord =) Definitely plan to continue that trend!

  • Awesome Sauce! When loopy first launched I took my iPad around to all my musician friends and showed them Loopy. It's so intuitive...Looking forward to Masterpiece Edition!

  • Hehe, that's awesome. Thanks =)

  • I'm so excited! Fabulous!

  • Very ambitious Michael. This should be a lot of fun. Can't wait to see how it develops.

  • Loopy has become one of the core elements of my live composition setup; I am excited to see this progress into an even more versatile tool for people pushing the boundaries of musical performance.

  • yes, very nice!

  • I really love the energy end the message behind that project. may the force be with you, @Michael. ! Would love to contribute whatever to help to make this happen. Feels almost sitting on your Board and waiting for the next set of waves. Even i if you can not see them yet, you start to feel them and you have this feeling. This one gonna be different. This ons is gonna be the perfect one!
    All my best.

  • I think the original loopy's great strength is its uncluttered layout. It does one thing and it does it very well. I don't mean by this that it is simple, in fact far from that. With loops automatically finding their place to sync with the main tempo there's definitely magic happening under the hood. I would like the new app to have a similar concept. This is also because I'd like it to go live within a year rather than something that tries to do everything to eventually fails on timescale and usability fronts like many others. Saying that I know it's going to be perfect. In the same way I have absolute faith that whatever becomes of samplr will be something special. It must be something about the way some developers work that makes their inventions bulletproof. This is probably because they're 100% dedicated to the cause rather than other rewards.

    I would definitely like to see both midi and audio loops running side by side. I think now is time for that to happen with iPad Air and air 2 and the pro looming on the horizon.

    I'm definitely looking forward to this one!

  • "All the feature requests I said no to " LOL. What about all the feature requests you said YES to, for which users have been waiting up to 3/4 years , including such simple ones as labelling a loop.
    Or most importantly for me , what about midi pickup/takeover mode for external control , which you told me NOT to even add as a feature request because you recognised it needed implementation for midi control to be complete and you would add anyway .

    Sorry if my response to your announcement isnt as quite as positive as seemingly everyone elses Michael,
    But I've been waiting four years to be able to use Loopy as I've wanted ,and you've intimated it would soon(!) be possible , only now to be told it could be another 6 months (i.e a year /18 months ) in another app .
    So whilst I'm relieved there will be further development ,forgive my outburst of frustration at the last couple of years of Loopy inactivity, however much that was Apple's IOS cockup of Audiobus.

    The majority of the feature requests were to improve functionality to the existing LoopyHD paradigm.
    If Michael wants to take things further in a new app, I would be interested to contribute as a potential end user , but would ask that LoopyHD is still developed concurrently , with as many feature requests as possible still added...if only to test the code whilst working on the masterpiece !, but even if he is to abandon LoopyHD , please at least add Midipickup/takeover mode first .

  • P.s Statesaving ?

  • Looking forward to it @Michael and will gladly help where I can.

  • cheerleads

  • Definitely looking forward to this project. I'm feeding Loopy into my hardware loopers (Echoplex Digital Pro and Electrix Repeater) now when playing live. Syncing loopers with other members of the band (easy with Echoplex) makes improv that much sweeter.

  • Excellent. How do I niggle my way into seeing the early mockups? :)

  • How about a D A W type of editing screen so that your loop could be viewed (midi or audio) and adjusted with surgical precision.

    And while you're at it, the DAW type of timeline so that you could arrange loops once created to come on at a later time?

  • Hi Michael! Gaz from Sonic Touch here, I just want to say that I am excited beyond compare at whatever prospect Loopy Masterpiece Edition holds!

    Loopy as we made it quite clear in Episode 35, is not only the best iOS looper but is THE best looper on the market!

    Good luck with the plan and keep me in the loop (err bad pun...move on!)

  • Wow! Sounds exciting! Can't wait to see where it goes!

  • Thanks heaps, everyone!!

    Some individual comments:

    @Supadom - ah, yeah, an uncluttered layout is absolutely priority number one: if it doesn't work live (when you're distracted and don't have time to go searching through an interface for that one button), it's not going to work at all. So a lot of work's going to go into making this really usable!

    @Wally - yeah, I know, I dropped the ball on those. Audiobus has been all-consuming in the last couple of years, and to make things worse we had some...um...unexpected surprises happen to us in the last year, and I had to dive in to scrabble to get stuff working, at the cost of work on Loopy. No one's been more frustrated than I am; as much as I love Audiobus, Loopy's always been where my heart is, and not to get to work on it has been driving me crazy (just ask Sebastian). But I'm back, now, and rearing to go! With that said, I want to explain: while I could go through and add all these things to the existing codebase of Loopy, it would probably take a lot longer than going back and thinking it through from the start like I am now, and it would look and work like ass, because a lot of these requests are things that Loopy was never designed to do. It'd be like trying to hack an extra toasting slot onto a toaster - that stuff just don't fit! Better to go back and make a nice big toaster, know what I mean? Of course there are some exceptions, like MIDI pickup, which is a fairly natural retrofit, and stuff like that may well make it into the current version of Loopy; I'm not abandoning it while I do this new project. In fact, there's an update about to come out. So: I'm sorry my absence from Loopy's caused some hard feelings, I understand your frustration, I do. But things're looking up, so don't despair!

    @JustinSableFobes1 - ;-)

    @Gaz - Hello and welcome! Thanks so much =)

    Right. Back to my mockups

  • So amazing!

  • a clip arrangement page like a daw, with mixing potential would be ace x
    Keep up the good work Micheal , total respect for loopy , the best music app for music creation by far :)

  • AudioBus & Loopy are both Outstanding and have made iPad a viable platform. Michael you Rock!
    Asking is not akin to difficulties in making and I can not believe what you have designed so far...Anyway.

    1) a way to bounce loops directly to other sample player apps in the audiobus universe. Or better make give loopy sample player features like ie Beat-Machine as a separate page. There seems to be a "rights" competition between AudioCopy and AudioShare with different apps supporting one or the other and you end up having to go thru multistep process often using AudioShare then AudioCopy to transfer samples between apps.

    2) the ability to edit start and stop points for loops rather than just adjusting start as possible now. Again Beat-Machine does a great job of presenting what you need to see, use and adjust on a efficient minimal format. But again this will require a toggle page because Loopy as is, is the king of minimal presentation.
    And yeah a pad like sample player option would be great or being redundant a way to quickly load another app.

    3) a way to use Loopy as a master tempo control within Audiobus with the option of NOT starting or stopping other Apps in a WIST type manner. For example I want to use want to set tempo of iElectribe in AudioBus but NOT start It when I start and/or stop it when I Start/stop Loopy. Currently I meet to set the tempo manually on every App is use individually. Using MidiBrige as a tempo control between apps on different iPads creates the same nightmare of starting Apps playing or stopping before you desire.

    4) It would be great to if DJay 2 or Traktor DJ could set the tempo of Loopy which could In a perfect world turn cascade out. But even only setting tempo for Loopy alone would be great because as stated above I don't normally set apps to recieve temp instructions from loopy. I know this is crazy to wish for because of all the tempo change info that comes from either of these complicated DJ apps.

    5) a better way to adjust volumes of and cue individual loops. Maybe a a toggle page so you can quickly see the set levels of all loops without pressing. MiMix just came out and it is looking really promising for controlling audio level aspects of Apps in Audiobus. I know this would require multi audio outputs in AudioBus and/or Loopy

    Wow after writing all this, besides the app control aspects via audio bus, I basically just wanna dump my Loopy loops in Beat-Machine with one touch convenience. With minimal simplicity it does the major sample edit and playing aspects necessary. And from there dumping those results into a Korg Gadget all inside AudioBus...!!!...yikes

    Anyway I can spend the day thinking about what I love about your creations and their functionality. How can you hit the ball out the park when it's already out the park? Apple is just gonna buy you and be done with it ...for music you have made their platform relevant for music creation and soon the whole industry will have to recognize and pay tribute. You have broken the business plans of Giants! Traktor coming on on board is just the latest indication.

  • edited November 2014

    Really excited, for me I'm hoping for a less hands on mode for loopy, I want to concentrate on the instruments and performance more and the software less, so ways in which it can be set on automatic in the background would be great. This is partly because I'm switching instruments a lot

    I'd also like the ability to pick up the loops and snap them onto a timeline, rearrange, mute, turn up or down different loops then select a new section to do more looping work... Like switching between recording and arranging....

  • Also manually setting the beginning and end of the first loop, you're always going to be microseconds off, you'll never get it perfect, it would be nice if you could set the bpm and then loopy would be able to quantise the end point you were aiming for. actually that would be seriously awesome! I'd get much more usable stuff in the end for final production.

  • Hey Lushr! You can totally do that with setting BPM and have loopy count in/out right in sync even on loop 1. Just make sure count-in and synchronize are turned on in your track management settings.

  • @Michael Thanks for your heartfelt response , confirmation that LoopyHD will continue & will be retrofitted with midi pickup/takeover mode for external midi cc control.

    Re: the Masterpiece Edition : it seems to me ,(as I tried to analyse in the Track Groups thread a while ago) , there are two competing visions as to how Groups of tracks should work , which I imagine The Masterpiece Edition will be expected to offer both .

    Singer/songwriters want to use groups for intro/verse/chorus , where changing from one group to another will change all tracks within the group to play all the tracks in the target group at once ,but keeping the distinct audio outputs in place ,so each guitar/vocal etc track is routed to same audio outputs in each group.

    Electronica loopers seem to want Groups of similar sounds :drum group,bass group,arp group where all sounds in each group are routed to SAME audio output,
    all groups can play concurrently , and changing between tracks is to be performed independently WITHIN each group , as part of the performance of juxtaposing different loops with each other.

    Many users are comparing the new app to Ableton Live, but the point I wish to highlight is the possible confusion in discussion of this as Live can be used both ways in track view :
    So Singersongwriters would be moving through their song using "Scenes" , whereas the Electronica loopers would be triggering their clips on each Ableton track independently .

    Whilst the distinction may seem subtle ,it may help to clarify concepts at the early stages to save much discussion between hundreds of contributors, especially as LoopyHD and Ableton are designed differently and have confusingly different terminology e.g. Loopy's "tracks" are Ableton's "clips", whilst Ableton's "tracks" are Loopy's "outputs" .

    looking forward to the process...

  • Great post, @Wally! This is indeed something that's been on my mind, too. Say - 'scenes' is a great term; what d'you reckon you'd call the other type of group, like Ableton's columns where only one member is playing at a time?

  • The problem is whether to highlight the external or internal behaviour ...scenes are only one group playing externally but all tracks internally , whereas the electronica paradigm is only one track internally but (up to ) all groups playing concurrently externally . Maybe singlegroup/multigroup if describing external behaviour ?

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