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Hi all

I'm trying to set up a live looping rig and having quite a degree of success using Loopy HD. One feature I find very useful is the Count-In Quantize options for recording. For example, I can set this to 1 bar and this works fine regardless of clock length.

I can't find an equivalent option for mute or solo a track. Is there one or can I achieve the same result using different options/technique.

To be clear what I'm trying to do is as follows:

I have loop 1 recorded which is only 2 bars long.
I have loop 2 recorded which is 16 bars long (or longer).

Essentially loop 1 is an intro loop that can run for as long as I want it to until everything is ready to go with the full song. Loop 2 is beginning of song real.

Once ready, I want to be able to mute loop 1 and switch to loop 2 within 1 or 2 bars. Currently if I turn off Count In/Out Mute quantize, then loop 2 is switched on immediately. This is fine but my timing is not that great to get it spot on. If I turn on Count In/Count Out Mute Quantize, the number of bars I wait for loop 2 to kick in depends on the length of loop 2 and where it is in the cycle when I switch it on. For a 16 bar loop this could be up to 16 bars.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated - particularly if I'm missing something obvious :).



  • As far as I know, Count-in/out Mute is always the loop start (top of the circle). The "Count-in quantize" is in my experience is really only useful for Record , not for Mute.

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    hi nick,
    the description was related to kmi softstep but you can do similar things with any footcontroller that can send cc in latch mode. my footcontrollers are roland fc 200 + fc 300. however you have to wait until the cycle comes to the starting point again (16 bars...). there is no binding that stops/starts single(from the top) tracks while other tracks are going. we can only stop the whole session somewhere in the middle and restart it from the top again.

  • Thanks for the comments. I don't think the post referred to is going to help unfortunately. I may be wrong, but I think you can also use the solo track midi binding if you just want to solo one loop so you probably don't need to mute one track and unmute the next but anyway... The real issue (for me) is the having to wait for the cycle to come around again on the second loop. It would be great if I could set a "mute/solo" quantise of say 1 bar or even to transition to beginning of next loop at end of first loop. I'm sure I'll find a way to work around it.

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