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Hi folks! What would you recommend the best docking station for an iPad 2 would be? I use a Behringer FCB1010 foot pedal. I've been looking at the Alesis iO Dock II and the Behringer iSTUDIO iS202. Are there any others I'm missing out on? Thanks!

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    Griffin studio connect. Charges but no mic input.
    Focusrite iTrack dock. Kinda does it all.
    Griffin studio connect HD will come early next year.

  • Best deal in a long shot.

    Should act quick

  • I'm now using the Alesis io Dock II.. Using an iPad 4 (lightning) but it's mainly cause I wanted midi and audio connections and didn't want the iPad to look like a deformed spider with a load of cables hanging off it..

    It looks neater, it doesn't move from its dock, therefore safer (had a scary experience with an iPad micstand holder and it nearly flying out), charges the iPad and also as its on a slight angle, when it sits next to my FCB1010 on the pedalboard, it's easy to see on stage.

    If your on iPad 2, go for the io dock 1 as its a lot cheaper and you can do a great USB hack for it (YouTube search Alesis io dock usb hack)

  • I have the Alesis iodock 1 with the iPad 3. There have been some glitches along the way though as previously mentioned it does it all.

    Midi, 1/4 in, XLR in, charges and a good, clean 1/4 in out. My understanding based on other posters' comments is that it works best with the iPad 2. Sounds like a match for you.

  • Alesis iODock 1 doesnt charge iPads running iOS7.x or iOS8.x - big gotcha for anyone performing live. It is a known issue acknowledged (but not fixed) by Alesis.

  • Behringer iSTUDIO iS202 causes random clicks/crackles. Griffin's StudioConnect works as advertised, but is unbalanced.

  • @Diggo. I'm on the latest version of iOS 7 and it charges my iPad 3 without any problems.

  • My iPad 2 and iPad 4 (with a 30pin to Lightning adapter) both charge on my IODock 1 just fine.

  • Mine charges on 8.1 never been an issue. (iO Dock II & iPad 4).

    Anyone having the weird anomaly glitches where Loopy goes mental midi message wise if plugged in the wrong sequence to the io dock?! Ben? What's the work around before I throw he io dock out the window.. Alesis has no firmware update for the iO Dock II.. Starting to think I should have gone with Focusrite instead. Sigh.

  • Hi @TheLoopArtist i dont have an iOdock but was just about to buy a version 1, mainly because it can be modded for extra usb port.
    but i do have an FCB1010 owned it for years now.

    Are you sure its not the FCB1010 that is playing you up? i had a nightmare with it to begin with trying to control early Ableton with bomes midi, clicking the pedal to fire a sequence of key commands into Ableton, everything worked fine pressing the keyboard, using the FCB made unexplainable things happen, glitches in the audio and unpredicted control.

    reflashing the FCB to the latest firmware immediately made a difference but it only started properly behaving as expected after buying the a 3rd party FCB UnO eprom and firmware.

    not sure if that tip will be much help for your problem but it would be nice to know what the iodock is doing before i give even more bucks to paypal :)

  • Hey Loop Artist. Don't throw it out yet. In my experience the iodock/iPad relationship has been delicate at best.

    Here's how I do it: Power down the iPad, put it in the iodock, power up the iodock, airplane mode, cancel all other apps. I always select and launch the output first in AB followed by input then effect.

    This routine has kept the foolishness at an acceptable level for me the majority (but not all of) the time. Hope that helps. Good luck.

  • I have the same problems with you,how interesting!

  • I use Behringer iSTUDIO iS202, not a single issue, I have samples, looped, recorded live music and so far it works perfectly.

  • @Amadeus. What iPad are you using?

  • @Ben, I have been using my iPad 3 for live work, it's docked in the iSTUDIO iS202 using Loopy HD and running other audio apps through Audiobus, with no problems to report, I also own an iPad 2 and I have been using this in the same way at home and again had no issues.

  • @Amadeus. Thanks for the response. Curious though, have you updated the iPad 3 to iOS 8 yet?

  • @Ben, yes I have 8.1.3 at present. I'm curios to know what are the issues that other users have had with the iS202.

  • Alesis iO 2 works also my iPhone 5. I made an adapter from corrugated cardboard. Covered with black tape it looks really good

  • @Frank_OI That's great, this is what I am using at the moment.

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