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Loopy manual & verse-chorus-bridge question ( again )

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Is there any hope that a Loopy Manual with description of capability and methods of control is on the horizon? I know Michael mentioned he was thinking of tackling that at one point.
It would be helpful if an appendable ( maybe that's a made up word ?) document was available, that could describe the various midi binding capabilities,etc., that kept pace with new firmware upgrades.

Been away from here for a while -- just checkin' in again.

Are we able to seamlessly do verse- chorus - bridge with basic midi one button commands yet? I remember something that came close, but took sort of an odd way to get there. Here's a link to that discussion: http://forum.loopyapp.com/discussion/620#Item_17
I was left with unanswered question as to losing midi sync with this method.

Thanks all, Otis


  • I reckon there's a big enough community 'brains trust' out there to throw a very decent 'manual' together without dragging Michael away from his programming duties.

    Does anyone know of a Wiki type program that we could all contribute to?

    Maybe Michael's only required role would then be to check the contributions before making them 'live'. (and also contributing when time allows...)

    Another possibility would be for Michael to assign a 'moderator' role to one (or more) of the more experienced contributors - to compile the 'manual'.

    Just a thought...

  • There was another thread where folks volunteered to groupbuild the manual but Michael demurred. I think that may have been pre-audiobus release though! Maybe he's come to his senses. ;)

    I'd be up to contribute. I feel like I owe the guy something. 8 bucks? c'mon.

  • Thanks for these responses on the manual.

    Anybody getting a workable seamless verse-chorus-bridge out of loopy with one button press per section - other than the workaround in Boberto's post?

    Again, here: http://forum.loopyapp.com/discussion/620#Item_17

    If it works, I'll finally own an iOS device and Loopy.

    Thanks, Otis

  • You know, I think I was wrong to demur with respect to a collaboratively built manual - I have a horrible problem with my groundless excess of optimism and always think I'm going to find time to do it. But... That never happens =)

    What if I (or someone) were to create a Google doc or something, and invite people in? I could also set up a wiki - it kinda depends on what format we want to end up with.

  • Hmm, I think a wiki might be the most sensible option. I'll set one up shortly.

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    Crap. You rock Michael. Okay, I got in. May I suggest we start with a logical outline to get this going?

  • As for the "verse-chrous-verse" thing, maybe we can all get together on the basics of how we would like to see this implemented. I think one of the challenges of getting this into Loopy would be choosing an approach to triggering/setting up this behavior. I'll try to throw together a few possibilities and see if we can flesh them out.

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    First, it's great to see progress on a wiki-manual!

    Second, I've been thinking about verse-chorus-bridge ideas and I've successfully made a group MIDI button on a free app called MIDI Designer Lite. The way it works is the master button activates multiple sub-buttons which will each send a cc to mute/unmute a different Loopy track. So the master button can be bound to your foot pedal and it will all work in the background, toggling mute on groups of tracks in Loopy.

    The tricky part is adding in a third group for the bridge. I think I can figure that out too with a little more time.

    Is this what you are looking for @oscarecroe?

  • @hmtx, I think one problem here is that toggle mute also toggles record for empty tracks. So that means your verse can only be one track/set of tracks, or you have to have a separate preset/binding for each song.

    Also, for me, I have to say again that the track number makes this tricky. When you do "record and select next track", it moves from track 3 to track 6. So you have to remember when setting up your bindings to mute track 3 and 6 instead of 1 and 2.

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    From the wiki description of midi bindings ( happy to finally see this ) :

    "Toggle record, mute, then start recording next track - Same as previous except it starts recording the next track instead of just selecting it"

    If there was a similar sequence, but in this order :

    Toggle record, stop ,then start recording next track<

    The seamless "verse / chorus / bridge" concept would be more likely possible.

    The on the fly V/Ch/Br parts previously recorded should always start at the beginning when called up from SEPARATE buttons that are bound to :

    stop current loop at end, start loop ( of whichever part is assigned to one of three buttons) > ,ala "Boomerang looper".

    If the track previously recorded is only muted and does not come in at the top , this method fails. Again, the hope is to have loops of different lengths, not developed as multiples, for V/Ch/Br.

    The Boomerang button press procedure ( really the preferred way for achieving this feature request ) was discussed at length here:


    Thanks for the Wiki and any steps toward allowing the above bindings. I hope my language above makes sense. It is a simplified version of the Boomerang method, but any progress in this direction would benefit this process.

    Respect, Otis

  • @Otis, this is why I would really like to see user-defined chainable actions. If we had that, we could do just about anything. Right now I can send multiple MIDI commands with a single press from my FCB1010, but they are all more or less simultaneous. At least, I haven't been able to get them to work in any reliable sequence.

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    Any news on this?
    I took another look at the wiki, and don't see anything new in the bindings that includes : Toggle record, stop ,then start recording next track< , or : stop current loop at end, start loop ( of whichever part is assigned to one of three buttons) > ,ala "Boomerang looper".
    It's been a while since I dropped in here, any body got this working reliably yet?

    Thanks, O

  • Okay, I've been away from forum for quite a while again. ( had trouble getting signed in and gave up. Tried today and voila. Don't know why it works now/didn't work then, but....

    Thought I'd bring this topic back to top of forum once more. Anybody get this working yet?

    Thanks, Otis

  • Hey Otis - the verse/chorus workflow isn't directly addressed yet in Loopy, aside from the additional MIDI bindings (Toggle record, then record next track, Mute and play next muted track). I plan to dig into this properly for an upcoming project =)

  • Hi folks. New to the forum, but an old hack at iOS and music!

    I have done recording to great effect with Auria and various other effects / mastering apps. My iPad has yet to break through into my live performances, however.

    My question is just as above. Can I use Loopy to provide a backing track to live performance? I'm not really too interested in live looping (sorry, I know that's kind of 'the thing' with this app!), but at the moment, I use an ancient drum machine.

    It has four patterns, a 'verse' pattern, a 'chorus' pattern and a 'fill' pattern to go with each of these to make a nice transition from one to the other.

    It has two pedals. One starts and stops the whole thing. The other switches from 'verse' to 'chorus' (via as much of the 'fill' pattern as will fit, depending on when in the four bar sequence you hit the pedal). If you press and hold the pedal until the end of the four bar section, it plays the fill, but stays on the same pattern (allows you to put in a fill half way through the verse etc).

    The 'fill' pedal allows you to tap in a tempo if the unit is stopped. This allows you to introduce drums part way through a song and for them to fit in with the tempo you are playing.

    This works pretty well, save that you have no 'middle 8' solution, it only does drums, it's a RIGHT pain to program patterns, and the drum samples are... Pretty awful by modern standards.

    To my ignorant mind, this all should be relatively straightforward to sort out in iOS, especially given that this sort of programming has been available in a hardware format for, like, 30 YEARS!

    I have looked at things like the Boss RC-300, but it seems a shame to have to shell out £380 for one of these, when I have an iPad. And I don't have £380.

    So, if you're still reading this, does such an app exist? Is Loopy that app? If so, what do I do to achieve this?

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