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Timing indicator in wrong place if you mute one track, start recording another (synchronize)

I think I might have found a minor bug in Loopy...

If you enable
- Synchronize tracks
- Count-In Recording
- Count-Out Recording
- Count-In/Out Mute
Record a track, have it looping then

1) tap a new track to start recording once you reach to the top of the loop (so you see the orange, blinking count-in)
2) tap the looping track, to mute it when it hits the top of the loop

The looping track continues to play normally but the light grey timing indicator around the outside of the ring jumps back a chunk, so it looks like it's earlier in the loop.
Then when it reaches the top of the loop, the track mutes ok, and the indicator jumps back to the right place.

If you do steps 1 and 2 in the other order (so tap the looping track to mute it first, then tap the new track to start recording), the indicators all look correct.

The actual playback seems to be fine in both cases, so I think this is just a cosmetic thing - won't actually mess up your sounds, it'll just look wrong (and put your heart in your mouth as you're standing in front of you packed stadium of adoring fans and you think that the timing's got messed up somehow...~!)

*Disclaimer - if this is some awesome feature I'm just not understanding, sorry for the bogus report!


  • Cheers @pablissimo - I am indeed aware of the issue, and will be addressing it with the next update.
  • I've only ever seen this issue when I change the tempo after recording some loops, so that would be great if there is a fix.
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