Lower app volume to prevent clipping later in the Audiobus chain?

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I've been using Loopy since it came out, mostly to record analogue synths. After I've done the primary recording in Loopy, I usually export the stems to BM2 or Cubasis to assemble them into a song, then into Auria for effects and mixing. I try to record each part as loud as I can without clipping, in order to have a clean source recording later. But while I'm in Loopy, I end up with a bunch of loud tracks, and when they're playing together they can very easily overload the next link in my Audiobus chain (usually AUFX:Dub).

Is there a way I can turn down the total volume of the Loopy app, so that it sends a quieter signal forward? I realize that I could do ALMOST the same thing by turning down the volume of individual loops, but that would be tedious; also, the recorded loops would sound too quite compared with the current input.


  • Hey @dokwok - not right now, I'm afraid, but this is something we're looking into.

  • Thank you, Michael.

  • Hi Michael, would be really nice if the same midi controller ( ex. midi CC7 or 13) could be assigned to several tracks at once. This way with same foot controller or knob we could adjust volume to choosen tracks, or all tracks at once and so having a kind of master volume. Or even more, chorus tracks volume up/down, bridge tracks up/down....
    endless posibilities.
    my 2 c$

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    Mimix should get you there.

    Oops just realized the OP was from last year lol.

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