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1) AB: Audio Input >> Turnado >> Loopy
Then go to loopy and press reset session => loopy crashes
2) AB: Auria >> Loopy
No sound coming from loopy and when i toggle record no sound is being recorded


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    here is a video
    in the end there is a error message and a suggestion to send report

  • Thanks, @goga - A fix for #1 is coming shortly (currently in the App Review queue). I'll look into #2.

  • I experienced the same problem with Turnado as effect and Loopy as output. It also felt like there was a crackling that was not there before updated, like the compatibility between Loopy and Turnado was kind of reduced. No idea if that makes any sense.

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    #1 should be fixed now in .10, which should be available over the coming hours.

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    issue #1 is totally fixed for me in .10, thanks again Michael!

    I have been experiencing #2 (using ipad2, ios7) as well with certain apps (StompBox, AUFX series), but it seems to only happen if I'm using the lower buffer setting in AudioBus (128K). It's a little strange to me though, because the processor isn't maxed out at all.

    To add to the confusion, maybe, is that fact that other apps work fine with AudioBus on the 128K setting (for example, the "MasterFX" app).

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