Surprise! Sync between Loopy and Samplr

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Hi everybody,

I just purchased an iPad mini with retina and LoopyHD as well as a few other musical apps, such as Samplr.

I wanted to use the iPad as a dedicated looper, which seemed like a better option than the RC-300.

I just discovered an interesting feature : when using Samplr along with Loopy, Samplr automatically syncs with Loopy, with the following features :

1 - The tempos are the same bpm. This is not perfect, since Loopy and Samplr can be the same tempo without being in sync. Yet :

2 - Play/pause sync : when pressing play/pause in Loopy, it starts the master track in Samplr as well. This is very useful, along with feature 1 ; this way the loops are perfectly synced.

These features happen without any other app running in the background. I don't know if it was actually made on purpose...

I just started fiddling around these two, so I might be missing something, but there is just a little something bothering me :

When playing with the Arpeggiator in Samplr, the Play button in Loopy starts the second step of the Arpeggiator in Samplr. My guess is this is an issue with Samplr, since I get the same behavior using Samplr alone.

Here we are, just wanted to share my recents findings on the matter.

Thank you Michael for your amazing work! I just love Loopy.

Also, I apologize for my poor english.

Have a nice day,



  • This is all thanks to the magic of MIDI! The MIDI implementation in iOS is a bit crappy though and how they implemented it in Samplr is also far from being ideal. You can check your MIDI settings in Loopy if you look under settings > MIDI.
    Samplr will automatically sync to any app that is sending out a MIDI clock via the virtual MIDI port on iOS, Loopy also sends start and stop messages, as per MIDI standards.

    Not sure why Loopy starts step 2 on Samplr, I don't think this ever happened to me. But can you describe the problem a bit better? Do you mean that pressing the play button on Loopy the second step of the arpeggio get's played or what?

  • Thank you for the advice! A useful feature.

    The problem with Samplr is that it starts one step too late. So here's what happens: I press play in LoopyHD, then one beat goes by, then Samplr starts playing on his first step as usual, only too late.

    I hope that makes sense...


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