Simple Loopy Rig

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I played a gig last night with this simple, put together at the last minute rig.

An iPad Air on a Hercules mic stand holder
A Roland Duo Capture EX interface
A Shure PG 58 going into the left channel
A little Martin going thru a Zoom A3 into the right channel
A Tech 21 Midi Moose foot controller with controls set as 1.Record toggle. 2. Stop/restart session. 3/4/5 Mute/unmute first three loops

The sound guy got vocals on one channel and guitar on another.

Reverb/delay on the vocals was from the house mixer. The acoustic guitar was left alone since I'd set patches on the A3 already.

I use 9 tracks of loopy and pretty much control most of it with my hands. Once I've laid down guitar parts, I like to just sing. And it worked out great.

My Voicelive 2 wasn't working and I really did not want to play a 90 min gig with just an acoustic guitar.

This way I beatboxed, played guitar, faux bass lines, looped as many harmonies as I felt like adding and could take a sip of whisky while I danced around.

And all this packed up in 5 mins into a guitar case and a backpack.



  • Great! =)

  • excellent.

    pack in the video camera next time. I need a tutorial on the "while I danced around" part of live looping. ;-)

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