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  • Hi All. Been on audiobus forum for some time but this is my first post here.

    I just voted on FB, better late then never! Lol

    I actually quite like loopy as it is with maybe a couple of additions:

    Track numbers

    Toggle unmute midi binding (there may be a walkaround but I haven't found it)

    Different options for metronome sound (maybe custom?)

    I don't think there is a need for an editor as audio copy does the trick, also there's masses of good effects for re sampling through audiobus. Some people don't realize that this app will get like a Christmas tree if @Michael starts with all the add-ons. Thanks for the app.

    I'm testing some set up involving loopy hd I'll post a video when ready.

  • I was wondering when the next update would come around?

  • Modify iPhone app so it's not a small version of iPad app. The time signature is very hard to see and change on the iPhone app.

  • Track names are the biggest ask for me... OR...

    Being able to set different loops as different colours?! Easier on the eye.

  • Would it be possible to have an audio clue for count-in time both in the app and for when you're using it in Audiobus? The problem I'm having is when I use Loopy HD in the output slot of AB's chain and Jam Maestro (or any other app) as the input, then when I am in Jam Maestro and playing and want to record a loop into Loopy, I have no idea when the loop is going to start recording other than the visual clue which doesn't actually have any count-in time.

    I think it would be better to have an audio count-in, like a metronome counting 1, 2, 3, 4 and then starting the recording of the loop. It would also be good to have Loopy not start recording until it heard sound coming from another app if being used in Audiobus or from the iPad's built-in mic and then to be able to trim the loop if you haven't quite got the timing right. So if you started slightly too late, you could adjust the start of the loop but then also trim the end of the loop so there wouldn't be a gap at the end.

    I suppose if Loopy HD behaved a bit more like a traditional guitar pedal looper like the Boss one's or even the fantastic Electro Harmonix 45000 then that would be a lot more user friendly.

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    I'd definitely appreciate it if there was an option to re-pitch loops instead of time-stretch. -when importing or when changing the tempo.

  • Using loopy daily at the moment. Possibly the only gripe I have as for now is the metronome sound, can this be personalized pleeeeeeeze. ;)

  • Michael please add the following binding... 'Stop/Restart' So that you can have a part recorded, go to chorus let's say, then come back and hit the pedal and start the recorded part again from beginning. That would make Loopy damn near perfect! Can this be added to an update?

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    @Gunny77 - I think what you are looking for is either "Toggle session pause and restart" or "Restart session" in the midi bindings. Depending on whether you want it to Pause (Stop) and set the clock back to the beginning until you start it again or immediately restart playing from the beginning.

  • Hello Ganhofer... Well that is not ideal because of the following reason. Lets say I have a drum loop going on one track and a Verse loop going on another. If I pause 'Session' it stops all loops. It would be great to have the ability to stop a single loop and have it start from the beginning when started again. It would also be nice to have the ability to "Stop-mute-play next muted" that way if I have a chorus and a verse loop right next to each other I can instantly switch between them from their beginning.

  • I'd request that the midi command for "Rerecord Track" clear the contents of a track before re-recording (or add an additional command with both functions). The reason is that it is common to not want to listen to a track that I want to overwrite, and when using Loopy w/a foot pedal, it requires 2 pedals to do this. Thanks.

  • Ok.. Weird but interesting request.

    Bluetooth speaker output. With the beatspill XL and more bluetooth speakers coming out into the market, it would make a great addition to output to this kind of speaker.. Especially if travelling and busking.


    Also different colour tracks to identify what they are (baseline/beat/harmony) etc. so you are able to load up an empty session (song) with pre-populated coloured tracks that are empty so you know (from practice) what you need to enter into each loop.. Like a mental reminder.. And also if that preset is in different colours then you know how the loop / song is gonna go in your mind when your on stage.


  • Wist for linking more than one ipadpretty please

  • Oh yes bluetooth for speakers yes please !!!

  • I agree that color coding (preferred) or labeling of the tracks would be an excellent addition! Really looking forward to hearing about it.

  • Hey guys - I just wanted to reaffirm that I'm still watching this thread and incorporating these (awesome) ideas into my plans. There's some exciting stuff going to be happening over the next months, so don't go anywhere ;)

  • Main boon for me would be the ability to dump all tracks to Dropbox. At the moment I find linking Loopy with Samplr and other apps a bit painful.

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    Just to put it out there, for feedback, etc....

    "Switch between A-B or verse-chorus sections" is third on the list of FeatureRequests on the Facebook poll page (as of June2014), after Undo (#1) and LoopFX (#2, although Reverse and Decay have already been implemented). My impression is that switching between A and B could also be done with some kind of "grouping" function for loops. For example, you could set any number of loops to be in a group... then easily MUTE/UNMUTE the groups.

    Really what I'm getting at here is that "Switch between A-B or verse-chorus sections" could be (depending on how it's programmed of course), the same feature request as "grouping" loops...

    If you add the votes that FeatureRequest "Loop sequencing/Loop mute groups" got (currently 46 votes) to "Switch between A-B or verse-chorus sections" (92 votes)... then "grouping" is way up there on the list... second only to "undo/redo"

    What do you guys think?

  • I'm all over it =) It won't be here tomorrow, but I've started on a big new Loopy project.

  • I would also find that A-B feature very useful. Great to hear that Loopy will become even more awesome!

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    @Michael - great to hear this.... can't wait to see how it turns out!

  • Hi there,

    I am a big fan of loopy. I use it with my Roland spd 30 Octapad and Roland td-9. I would like the possibility to turn the different loops on and off via different triggerpads by binding the different loops to the different pads on my Octapad. That way I can use this in a live setting to build and break down different layers of samples in different combinations.

    Also, the a-b feature sounds very promissing!

    Thanks for this great app!

  • @Demo7 - you can Midi bind to "Toggle Mute Track x" for each loop. Is this what you are looking for?

  • @demo7 - if you're short on triggers, Loopy is also kind enough to provide 'current track' as a target for many commands (like mute, volume...). That along with two bindings for previous track and next track and you can get a lot of out a few triggers.

  • @Ganthofer: thanks, i missd this option, this is what i was looking for. Is it possible to toggle mute and restart the loop? A sort of start form the beginning each time i hit the pad for that particular loop? I couldnt find that option.
    @Syrupcore: this is the option i used, i nice feature, but if you want to toggle more tracks sepperate it becomes more difficult!

    Thanx for your help!

  • @Demo7 - individual loops (tracks) are not Started/Stopped, they are only Muted/unMuted. The Restart Session forces loopy to immediately start from the beginning of the tracks ( ALL the tracks). It does not change which tracks are Muted. Toggle session Pause and restart, is similar to pressing the pause button on Loopy's control.

  • @Ganthofer: thats what im using now, i can trigger the individual loops now in combination with a pause/restart trigger for all the loops. But i think there's a little lag for the restart function, it is not suitable for live use, to create a stutter effect with the loops that are not muted. Strange, because the mute/unmute has no lag.
    I am trying to use my spd30 Octapad in combination with Loopy as a Roland spd-sx samplepad, so i dont have to have both. I am getting very close, the group function for the loops would be nice and also automatically muting other loops if you unmute one. That can also be done with mute/unmute next track, but only in a specific order. It would be nice to group for example 2 or 3 loops of wich only one can be unmuted at one time and the others automaticaly mute.

  • MIDI (drum) track import ! Major feature request ! With the tons of midi drum tracks floating around ( Ezdrummer ,…) that would be great bonus for composing a song to have a nice midi drum track loaded and playing in sync . The next question is what would be the sample player audio engine to pipe these midi loops into ! The best I could think of is : Bismark bs-16 but this is just a thought . or an internal sample library ?or the ability to load a GM sample library ? (like in bismark) ? whatever would be great step forward for loopy . The funniest thing is this feature for discussed in 2011 here on this forum and it was nearly implemented ( beta version on youtube) .Obviously it was postponed for the audiobus development .Hope this great feature won 't miss next train this time !

  • @Demo7 I'm quite sure this can already be accomplished using MIDI Designer. My current setup allows the expression pedal of my FCB1010 to adjust the volume of 2 separate loops at the same time. And the second expression pedal controls another 2. This way i can "mute/unmute" several tracks already.

    There must be a way to multiply a simple PC command with MIDI designer too.
    There is a free version capable of doing this all.

  • @Tom & @Demo7 - if you feel like a little coding, MobMuPlat can be used to process Midi commands so you can have one midi command trigger sending an unlimited number of commands ( delayed, change channels, automate panning or volume, etc). I would say the possibilities are endless. All it takes is learning a little Pure Data programming. You do need a PC or a Mac to create the Pure Data patch, but it's all free ( MobMuPlat and Pure Data ). MidiBridge and it's stream bytes module is another possibility, so I have read.

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