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Playback bug with Lexicon Omega Studio audio interface

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I have a Lexicon Omega Studio audio interface which is coreaudio (and coremidi) compatible and works with all audio and midi apps on my ipad2 (ios 5). A weird bug prevents me from using it with Loopy though. I can monitor the live sound through Loopy and the levels reacts to the input. Also when I record something Loopy makes a waveform in the selected track. But the track is then not played back. It looks like it is but no output. I tried several times with several options, levels and inputs but always same result.

Also discovered something weird: If I unplug my Omega Studio I still can't hear the recorded loops from the tracks. But if I now do an overdub on one recorded tracks then I can hear the previosly recorded loop (but only using the internal sound card of the ipad).

Weird thing #2 worth mentioning is that I notice added gain to the Live playthrough signal the more tracks I have been recording using my Lexicon Omega. But still no tracks are heard of-course.

Hope it is possible to find a solution to this. I really love the interface of Loopy and it works flawlessly with my midi pedalboard connected to my Lexicon Omega Studio. Can't wait to use Loopy with my setup!


  • Wow - that's totally bizarre! Anyway, I've almost completely rewritten Loopy's audio engine recently, so hopefully the problem will just disappear with the next update (although the update probably won't hit for another month or two).
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    This might be an iOS 5 thing. I updated to fix the midi problem I was having, and now that I did, not thank to the update, I get the same bug as riwid.
    I'll have to go back to iOS 4.
    I must add also that sound works fine throughout the Omega in all other applications.
    And one more thing, if you play the metronome, you will get the sound through the Omega, so it's not even that Loopy and Omega are not communicating.
    Once you record a track you'll see the wave form with no sound, however, if you go to the recordings window, the recoded track will not be there.
    Also, if you import a loop, it will sound perfectly. So it looks as if for some reason, recorded tracks are being forced mute. How do you unmute a track?
    How do I go back to iOS 4.3?
    Best, Abe
    PS. I am pretty much convinced that is a Loopy bug with iOS 5, as it seems to be handling incoming recordings differently than loops or the metronome. Also, once the recording stops one can hear some sort of click. Loopy is somehow muting the recorded tracks. The fact that those tracks also fail to play when the Omega is not connected seem to indicate that it is Loopy's internal problem. Hope this helps.
  • Aha! This new info's given me an idea about what it is - The Omega is an 8x4x2 input device, and I suspect iOS 5 treats many-channel input devices differently to iOS 4. Loopy basically takes whatever it's given and saves it, but it's not been tested with > stereo devices, so there may well be issues.

    Now I know, I'll be able to get this working, I think. Bear with me.
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    Thanks, Michael. And from what I've read, it seems that the Omega is still probably the best device to record into the iPad. Alesis io Dock is 16 bit, while the Omega is 24 bit. Plus you can use the Omega to mix all (8) inputs into 2 or 4 channels, which basically gives you the functionality of a mixing board and a sound card all in one unit. No other sound card that works with the iPad can do this that I know off. In fact, many people are buying used Omegas to use them precisely with their iPads.
    All this just to let you know that it would be important to make Loopy compatible with the Omega (not just because I have one), as it is still one of the better alternatives to work with the iPad. As a matter of fact, I've done some research and can't find anything that will better suit my needs.
    Best, Abe
    PS. Now that you mention it, I'll try to record a mono track using the Omega and see if that works. I'll let you know.
  • Ok, I tried recording mono and failed, however something useful came up. When I recorded only in the left channel, Loopy recorded with the sound wave but no sound output. When I recorded in the right channel, I still got no sound output, but this time Loopy didn't show the sound wave, so basically didn't record anything.
    One more thing, if I recorded with channels 3-4 of the Omega, there was no signal coming into Loopy. With channels one and two, Loopy always showed incoming signal, however was only able to record with channel one (or left) but was unable to play the sound.
    So it's clear that has to do, as you well thought, with the way ios5 treats multi channel devices. I am surpassed this has not affected the Alesis io dock as it is also a stereo device.
    Hope this helps.
    Best, Abe
  • I had the same experience. Of-course I also hope it is possible to solve since I am very happy with the quality of my lexicon omega using other apps.
    Thanks, Richard
  • Very interesting - thanks guys, that helps a lot. I have a vague idea of where to start looking, at least. I'll see what I can do.
  • same thing here. omega + ios5, won't play what's been recorded. hope this can be fixed at some point..
  • Just an update - I'm pretty sure I know what's going on, and will be addressing this in the next update
  • Great! For when do you have planned the next update?
    Thanks, Michael.
    Best, Abe
  • It'll be sometime within the next couple of weeks, I'd say. I may send you some stuff before then to test out, if you wouldn't mind, as I don't have your nifty hardware to test with ;-)
  • That's great! I am happy to test out!
  • Hi Michael, if bought the RME Fireface UCX which also works in ClassComplient-Mode (so it works with the iPad), an i ve the same beaviour like mentiont before.
    Also ios 5, ipad 3 and rme fireface UCX.
    If got a stereo input signal but after stopping reccording there is just the waveform but no sound. A great feature would be if it were possible to select the input source (if the audiointerface supports more than two mono inputs - the UCX supports up to 8 mono input channels)

    Best regards and thanks for this amazing app. hope u get the problem solved soon.
  • Cheers for letting me know, @Marcdetriumphe.

    You've reminded me, I wanted to ask those interested in using multi-channel interfaces: How do you wish to use them? I definitely am planning on adding the ability to select input source (such as stereo, left or right for stereo inputs, or stereo pairs/each mono input, for interfaces with greater than two channels. My question: Is it sufficient to put these settings in the Settings area? Or would you be likely to want to switch inputs more rapidly, and therefore perhaps benefit from these settings being in a new panel screen, alongside the tempo, clock length controls, metronome switches, etc?

    Obviously having them in the panel would make them more accessible (you wouldn't have to bring up Settings each time), but the downside is further cluttering up an already rather complicated panel interface (although it's likely if I went down that path, I would only show that panel section when there's an audio interface plugged in).
  • Hello Michael,

    thanks for answering my query related to "mono only" issue.
    Now for your question:
    "How do you wish to use them?"(multi-channel interfaces, that is)
    At the moment I'm using a very simple mono/usb guitar interface-Behringer UCG102-
    I usually lay down a 4 to 8 measure of ryhthm (drum loops), and on top of that, one or two lines of bass and several lines of guitar. Pretty straightforward I know.
    I don't really need to record more than one track at the same time.
    As for "Is it sufficient to put these settings in the Settings area?" well...for my part it's a yes.
    Hope the above is clear (I'm not an native english speaker :-)
    If I can help with informations, feedbacks, suggestions, requests or else, just drop me a line!

    cheers and keep up the good work!

  • Hi Michael! I am struggling also with a Fast Track from M-Audio. I am using it with a synth Micro Korg that has a mono output that then I pass to the audio card. But when I output the signal from the audio card it only seems to record in Mono and not in Stereo. This is a big problem since I want to play live. So is there a way, as used in GarageBand, that you can add to the settings that you are entering a mono sound, so that then Loopy can convert it to a Stereo Signal and hear it on both speakers L and R?
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    Hey @ibjazz - As I say, I'm well aware of the issue and am working on an update which addresses this. Stay tuned.
  • Hi Michael,

    I think it would be great if to have the ability to chose between inputs in a more accessible place than settings. So I am voting for a new panel screen.
    BTW, for when are you planning to release this new update?
    Best, Abe
  • Thanks Michael! I like your on-the-road lifestyle! I am following you on twitter. I also develop apps, but not as fancy as yours! Great Job with this App, It is exactly what I was looking for!
  • Hi michael,
    I Agreement with abeoquendo...i would also perfere a New Panel Screen. And it would be Great to have the possibility to Switch between the Inputs by Midi. There should be also an opportunity to select all Inputs at the Same Time as reccordsource, so That the Mix of all Inputs is Recordet (Kind of mixdown of all Inputs).

    So this is my Wishlist :-D

    Best regards

  • +1 for MIDI switchable inputs. This would add so many possibilities for a one-man show... :O
  • Thanks guys (and I concur with MIDI switchable inputs, too)
  • ...tell me quando, quando quando? ;-)
  • Very soon =) Abe's just testing out the new system for me now - I plan to release the update next week.
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