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can not turn of intern microphone

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Hello loopy team,
My problem is that i can not turn of microphone when have earplugs.

when i go to settings and turn off headphone monitoring an turn off Live input recording. nothing happens

when i start recording and speak something it is recording . what do i wrong ???
one problem after other.

My first and important problem is
Audiobus : Input Loopy hd, effects nothing, output Beatmaker 2.

When i play a loop in loopy hd the sound is clear and really good.
in that time i start beatmaker 2 for recording,but the sound changes bad with backround noises like a old turntable.
When i start recording the loop the clicks and clacks are recording into my clear beat.
When i start play in beatmaker you hear the sound with backround noise.

the thing is when i start musicstudio for recording instead of beatmaker 2 the sound is the same, clear and really good.

I have tried all latency settings in ios an apps itself. but nothing happend.
always reboot my iphone 5 for full memory.
In backround only loopy audiobus and beatmaker.

and now i noticed that the microphone is always on in Loopy hd. first i thougt thats the reason. But musicstudio show me that this can not be the problem.

the new problem is, standalone loopy hd is always microphone on,you can switch on or off headphone monitoring and live input recording.
but when start audiobus and load loopy than it works, when turn off headphone monitoring and live input recording.
my brain is exploding.

the newest problem in loopy standalone is when i want to overdub a loop a litle bit the microphone is recording arhhhhhhhh

For me the two important apps, Loopy hd and beatmaker 2 are full of bugs.
I thing the important in music making is clear sound without backround noises but loopy and beatmaker can not do this.
where is the bug in all that apps??????


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    First of all, headphone monitoring and mic input are two completely different things. Headphone monitoring simply allows you to either hear or not hear what is coming through the mic input. This has nothing to do with whether their is an input signal or not.

    As for the sound problems, welcome to the world of audio. This is why people get paid big bucks to be professional sound techs and music producers. The sound you are most likely hearing is either hum, buzz or digital clipping. I suspect it is digital clipping from your description. It could also be that the audio is crashing i.e. too much processing is going on and the ipad can't handle it. Sometimes you just have to restart all programs and that doesn't mean just turning them off. You actually have to shutdown the programs by double clicking on home button and holding down on the apps you choose to shutdown. When the minus symbol pops up, tap,it to shut down all the necessary programs.

    Many people become overwhelmed at fist but stick with it and experiment with what works for you, read the discussion forums, remember their are children starving in the world and soon you'll be fine ad making music.

  • hello an thanks for answer.
    Ok, i understand that headphone monitoring is only to hear what is coming trough the mic. i tried that only because of the bug that loopy hd has when in input and output mode. they say to turn of headphone monitoring for recording.

    but thats not the think.
    why is loopy recording microphone when i turn of live input recording.
    that must be a bug.

    And the sound problem has nothing to do with big money and professional sound techs.
    you will see that in 5 jears or earlyer the sound quality in smartphones will mess with big studios. because all hardware you can simulate if the processor is big enough.
    I would say that yet the music apps can mess with big budged studios.

    I made music with my friend for 8 years ago.
    and he has really good equipment in hardware and software,cubase, korg synt,akai sampler,tb303-909,etc. that cost much money.
    but when i think back at that time it was for me sometimes really complicate to handle all that.sampling to slow and further.
    know i am faster and better with two fingers, audiobus and music apps.
    maybe a man who has a big studio never would say that smartphones are good in music making because of the big money they paid for whole equipment and the status.

    i can pay exactly 150 euro, to have all what i want ,animog, sunrizer ,cubasis, effect tools, daw tools.
    thats sometimes i not understand when people are crying to pay 50 euros for cubase.thats nothing ablolut nothing for that big tool.
    my friend payed cubasis for pc about 300 euros or maybe more.but thats for a long time ago.

    if you read my post you see that musicstudio make good in recording. but i will use beatmaker because of the better sequencer.

    and yes i know that of backround apps. i always close them with the minus in springboard. but thats not the problem.
    and i have a app to measure the cpu core 1 and 2.
    and the process is under 10% when recording in beatmaker 2.

    And i think i know now the problem because in audiobus forum there are people who say exactly the same with clicks during recording in beatmaker 2.
    they say before the new update last week came out the sound recording was excellent and clear.
    but i buyed beatmaker in the last 3 days and have the newest version.

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    No bug. Live input recording is not the same as recording with mic. It's an easy mistake and I think Loopy labels some of its functions in a way that is somewhat confusing. Making a "recording" in Loopy is different than recording a single loop. Yes I know, somewhat confusing. Making a recording means recording a performance as well as the loops being activated as a total song.

    Sorry but you are wrong about sound quality. Yes, the ability to record great music will and is available at home but to really do it well will be dependent on having good ears and a working knowledge of the science of audio. For instance, do you know why you get muddy sounds? Did you know it has to do with frequency spectrum and that you need to analyze what frequency of every instrument and every note to make sure you are not filling up the spectrum? And this is just one aspect of good audio engineering. It's not debatable. It's a fact. Your own anecdote proves my point. Your friend had great equipment but it still didn't sound good. Exactly. You have to know how to use it. Same with Loopy, you do not yet know how to use it so you at blaming it on bugs. Sorry, It's you, not bugs.

    Yes, audio is the problem. You're getting noise because there is either something going on with the new update and the apps are not working right together any longer or you're just getting time honored noise issues like 50-60 hz hum, digital peaking or buzz from electronics near by. Either way, the noise you are experiencing comes from the machines, hardware and/or apps and either way, you are getting it because you don't know how to solve it - not because of a bug in Loopy. So I would try a few things instead of jumping to the false conclusion that it is a bug...unless, as I said, it has to do with the new update and the programs are glitching out the audio. Good luck.

  • It´s defintly the new update of beatmaker 2

    And my loops in loopy hd are clear with no noise in backround.
    when i start beatmaker 2 for recording, the noise is coming.
    I have no problem with my sound or loops they are clear in soundquality.
    I only mean the problem when recording.

    You are right with the sound Quality and sience of audio and frequency spectrum.

    But remember my words in future, that all will solve a little microchip(smartphone) in my pocket.

    And my question is do you now if it is possilble to turn of microphone.Or is Microphone still on.

  • Hello! My problem is the entire opposite. I CAN'T turn the microphone for Loopy HD to start recording. The other regular app (Sound Recorder or something) get's and records everything I say, but for some reason, Loopy doesn't. Is there any feature or option I need to activate to use Loopy correctly?

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