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Can projects be shared between 2 people with the app (to work collaboratively but remotely)?

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Title says it all I think. A buddy and I would like to work on projects together. Maybe I start it, lay down a few tracks, and then send it to him so that he can lay down a few, then back to me, and so on.

Does Loopy HD easily allow for that? If so what is the process please?



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    This is totally possible! First, check out the tutorials under "Help" panel built into the app.

    Basically, the easiest way would be to share each loop by email. Long press the center of the loop, then select "share" and the panel comes up with options to email it (or soundcloud is possible too).

    When your friend gets the email, he shouldn't just tap on the file. That will just start playing it. Instead, tap it once to download, then when it is downloaded, "long press" the icon and a little menu will come up that says "open in..." and choose Loopy HD. That will open up Loopy and automatically paste the file into an empty loop.

  • OP again here. Wouldn't let me post back via gmail login.

    Anyway, thanks! Question though - is there any way to send an entire project back and forth? That way if it were multiple tracks, perhaps tweaked by one or the other of us (or both), those things would all stay in tact and could be passed back and forth in bulk?

  • There's not a way to share whole projects just yet, at least not from the ipad directly: You can grab the session off the device via USB then zip it up and send it, and drop it back onto the device the same way at the other end.

  • Thanks Michael. Please add that feature :)
    (And seriously, it really would make the app a great tool for remote collaboration!)
    Congrats on the Fallon exposure!

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