how do i program MIDI commands?

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I would like to use a MIDI foot controller to do the same basic 4 functions that the Digitech JamMan2 does ---- start, stop, up, down.

I could use an IK-Multimedia BlueBoard, or possibly make a custom MIDI pedal. But how do I control/program the MIDI in LoopyHD?

The commands I need are:
START - to start a loop
STOP - to stop a loop
UP - to automatically play the next loop after the current loop is done
DOWN - to automatically play the next lower loop after the current loop is done

UP/DOWN are key for me. Here's my usage case:

I can record an intro loop in orange circle-1. And I'd record the verse loop in orange circle-2, and the chorus loop in orange circle-3.

START would start the song (the intro in circle-1).
UP would tee-up circle-2 to start (and circle-1 to stop!!) when the intro is done. This starts the verse.
UP would then tee-up circle-3 to start (and circle-2 to stop!!) when the verse is done. This starts the chorus.
DOWN would tee-up circle-2 (the verse again)
and so on...

How do I do this? Any help is appreciated.!!!

Thank you!


  • Settings -> MIDI -> Midi Bindings

  • Though I should note that the up down are doing to be next/previous

  • Thanks!

    So --- do next/previous do what I was looking for? That is, does it go from "circle-1" to "circle-2" tracks --- and stops the previous loop when transitioning?

    I don't want the loops to play on top of each other!

    Thanks again!

  • Nope, to stop a previous loop, you would use the Mute>Play Next function.

    Can't think of a way to go backwards from 3 to 2 without using your hands or a midi controller that will let you send multiple commands from one button press.

  • Hmmm - ok. Sorry but I'm really novice at this. I assume I can program the BlueBoard to send "Mute>Play Next" from one of the stomp switches.

    How do I store the sequential loops in LoopyHD? Do I put them in sequential "orange circles" or do I have to store them as separate files?

  • To store the loops go to: Sessions / Save session as

    Loopy will keep all your 'orange circles' as you have them arranged when you save the session.

  • Thanks - so sorry but last questions::

    So the MIDI command "mute>play next" ---- does that mute the current "session" and goes to the next stored session? Or does the command work inside a single session and go from one "orange circle" to the next "orange circle"?

    I've looked at the MIDI binding options. I see the "mute>play next" action command. But I don't see the most basic "start play" or "stop play" commands.??. Am I missing something? Maybe I would use "restart session" to start playing a stored session? What about just stopping a session playback (after a song ends...)?

    Thanks!!! (getting there...)

  • The way I read the binding descriptions, I also can't see 'stop' or 'play'. These basic messages are still missing, but there are 'workarounds' some have implemented.

    I still haven't actually found a binding combination that will do my simple verse / bridge / chorus / verse requirements in a way that I find acceptable. (Although I HAVE been away from Loopy for nearly a year and only this week started experimenting with it again)

    You're not alone. I'm slowly "getting there" too... ;-)

  • @blugruv. You are right, there isn't a stop/play command. These functions are taken care of by the mute functions.

    Mute/play next will keep you within your session as you mentioned, muting the selected loop and playing the next one.

    There is, however, a global pause/play function on the pane. you can assign it to a midi message as well; toggle session pause and restart.

    The term 'pause' in this case actually starts the loop from the start of it's cycle.

    @muzza I don't know if you saw my method of verse/bridge/chorus using toggle mute in reply to one of your posts. I'm still interested in how other people do the v/b/c fact I might start a thread on it.

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    Yes @stjambience, I saw it, but haven't had a chance to give it a crack.

    Last time I was goofing off with Loopy I tried to use the 'session pause and restart', but when it restarted, both the verse AND chorus loops restarted together. (Not a pleasant musical experience)

    I've already responded to the excellent thread you started. I hope it gets a few more responses.

  • Cool @muzza, no rush!

    Bummer about session pause, just like playing in a band with an I inattentive bass player :(

  • muzza - You seem to be "missing the forrest for the trees" -
    Loopy has 6/9/12 different loops running at the same time. Your Boss RC-50 had one loop.
    you can add overdubbed layers to any and all of these loops just like on the RC-50, but the power of Loopy is that each layer of your cake can be set to play back in a different loop/track-circle. That way you can turn on/off or otherwise futz with the pieces.

    I do multi-part songs and there is no way to "group" the loop/track-circles so for me, I keep the chorus loops on the right side, the verse loops on the left. the only way to turn on and off multiple loops at the same time [well, not the ONLY, but the most convinient] is to just do it on the ipad screen with your hands.

  • @boberto true about grouping loops. There have been discussions/requests for the ability to assign loops to 'group' for multiple mutes, somewhere in here:

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    @Boberto, you're missing my point. This is about controlling loopy with a foot controller and, for me, keeping it simple. Can't control loopy with your fingers if they've got a death grip on a guitar neck... And having 6, 9 or 12 loops is irrelevant to me. I'd be happy with 3. I'm looking for the simplest way to control Loopy with the least amount of brainwork, or remembering what button does what. 3 or 4 buttons to do it all - the other 6 or 7 buttons on the foot controller could control the effects in 'JamUp' or 'Amplitube'.

    Something you said DOES point to a failing (IMO) of Loopy though... Yes, the best way to control Loopy is with your fingers directly on the iPad screen, and you would THINK that the first level of MIDI bindings would go some way to emulate these basic gestures. But the two MOST basic of gestures are missing from the list of available bindings - 'Play' and 'Stop'.

    And I don't have a Boss pedal. I DID recently acquire a Ditto pedal and it's simplicity got me thinking about the best way to use Loopy for my needs. The Ditto's method lets me down because to stop playback, you need to 'double click' it. A single click while playing back a loop starts overdubbing. I have absolutely no need for overdubbing.

    You know what I think would make Loopy the absolute all time and forever more best iOs app on the planet? Make the MIDI bindings user definable.

  • MIDI bindings are user definable? I don't know what you mean that there is no start stop? Toggle session pause and restart does that. [Or Restart session or Toggle Mute for All Tracks].
    Sorry I can't help ya.

  • Toggle session pause and restart restarts ALL the tracks at the same time.

  • (Bit of cross-thread referencing - I referenced the above from here)

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