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Chaining of recordings.

edited February 2012 in General
I really want to chain recordings. . . The info page says something but i dont know how.

I know how to count in a recording or playback, but dont know how to chain 2 or 3 together.

For instance to have a 2 bar intro, followed by a 4 bar loop, then another 4 bars, after which i can start layering up, or put the guitar down and use my other ipad to start building.

Another idea i had is that you could have a loop for x times, or wait for x cycles.

I agree that you cant get too complicated, but that would be awesome. Some chaining/on the fly simple sequencing would be great. All looping makes it difficult to build a bonafide moving song, especially when playing a two handed instrument.


  • Perhaps we have a different idea of what chaining means, or perhaps i just dont understand how to do it.
  • Ok, ive solved that, apologies. I didnt nitice properly the behaviour of the circles.

    I have an idea though too. Many people are talking about sample triggers. I think this is where having a universal app is less than ideal. You have two choices - sacrificing simplicity by allowing somehow to define one circle as a "trigger". The other, especially on ipad, is very easy. You have more than enough space on the diagonals between the circles to drag a loop/sample as a one shot. As an ipad user, i would love it if if you would do that! That gives 6 sample triggers, which is more than enough. Small optional circles between the other circles.

    On iphone its crazy, on ipad its obvious and awesome.

    Theres othethings too! If you think of ipad. Maybe 3 rightmost circle (landscape) are sequence circles. So you can drag to them for purpose of structure. You have a counter on each, slide up or down. I can play the verse loop 3 times, and then it automatically moves down to the bridge loop, then chorus loop, then back to the verse loop. So, you can combine essential parts o those circles, have more structure, and then atill adlib over the top without recording, or occasionally via the other circles. Easily done. . Drag,drag, drag, slide up, slide up, slide up, now hands more free with a proper song structure. Its a logical way of chaining playback. It just cycles down each time a sequence loop runs out of counter, then back to the top. So, the logic would dictate that those three circles will never play simultaneously, nor would you want them to. Therefore, a user just works left to right, culminating in clear structure of use and performance.

    Kn the end though, aside from this, loopy does its job anyway. Im getting a scond ipad. . . That is a better solution. I assume you program this by yourself, and have the rare skill, on this website and the app itself, of maintaining simplicity.
  • Oops, sorry about the delay in responding - I'll have a think about this. I did like the idea of adding triggerable loops, but haven't yet thought of a way to make it work that I'm happy with.

    I'm all for adding cool features like this (and the sequencing/loop groups stuff), but it's important to me that the app remains accessible and easy to use. So, if I can find a way to present the functionality without increasing complexity, then I'm very happy to do so.
  • Not to beat a horse too much but providing a way to sequence loops, whether prerecorded or filled in on the fly, this seems to be a common functionality that many on the forum are asking for.
  • (Further discussion of groups and loop sequencing at http://forum.loopyapp.com/discussion/128/sequencing#Item_8)
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