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Just got an ipod touch, tried to copy my loopy sessions to it but nope -- EDIT: SOLVED

edited October 2013 in Support and Feedback

Is it impossible to transfer loopy sessions to a different device? I can't sync the session folders to loopy, I can only sync audio files.

edit: I found a thread discussing that I may have to put everything in a zip file and sync that to loopy. That worked fine, so for those who stumble upon this thread on google when you encounter this problem - that's what you do! :) Cheers!


  • Hey @auxili - Fear not! This is a stupid iTunes limitation that you can work around by zipping everything up and popping the zip file into Loopy, which will then automatically extract all the files. You can also use another app like iFunbox or iExplorer, which is less dumb than iTunes is about copying folders.

  • Haha thanks mike! I figured it out because you explained this in a previous thread. Cheers :)

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