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Midi 101

edited February 2012 in Equipment
I am a one man band, with an Rc 50 looping guitars tracks and a roland td 4 electronic drum looping on Loopy HD separately. I currently use an Apogee Jam to interface the drums to my iPad and it works famously! Before I go on, I gotta say Loopy is the best thing since sliced bread. My problem is syncing Loopy with the RC 50, as they drift apart. How would I go about syncing the clocks between Loopy and the RC-50. Clearly I would have to replace the Apogee Jam, but I don't think there is a device that allows a midi line from the RC 50 and audio line from the drums directly into the iPad. If I am right, is there a piece of hardware that would mix the clock and percussion signals and then transmit them both by a midi cable into the iPad/Lopy via something like the iRig or Mobilizer II?

Thanks for Loopy, and any help you and fellow Loopites might be able to offer!

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  • PS to my last. I think the obvious answer is the IO Dock, but I see a lot of commentary on the net regarding it and the iPad 2. I think everybody can tell by how elementary my question is that I don't need to compound my frustration by introducing an equipment-related problem to fight with.

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  • Hmm, I'm going to leave this one open to the floor - I don't have a great deal of experience with this kind of hardware, but hopefully some others will have suggestions. (And thanks heaps for the kind words! =))
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