CCK works with new iPhones (5s and 5c)?!?!

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Look down under the compatibility section! Didn't see that one coming!


  • Seriously?! Freaking awesome!

  • Why no iphone 5 support I wonder? Was it a hardware limitation up until this point?

    Now if only they'd make a CCK that allows for charging the device and provides additional bus power. Then we'd be all set!

  • Could it be an iOS7 thing? Can anyone who has an iPhone 5 and iOS7 GM test it?

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    Read your message, what does old camera connection kit mean? You got the 30 pin version to work with iPhone? If so, which version iPhone?

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    Wow, I followed autoy's links.

    He's got a MIDI keyboard > USB cable> 30 pin CCK > 30 pin to Lightning adapter > iPhone 5 > Animoog!

    But would this work with an audio interface??

    And @autoy what iOS version are you on?

  • i found this thread:

    it says:
    I tested the latest beta 2 of iOS 7 and tried using my camera connection kit to connect my Griffin iMic audio card with my iPhone 5. Unlike in the earlier versions, the sound card was recognized by iOS...

    so it means it works! (and not only with iphone 5S/5C, but also with older versions!)

    keeping in mind that my main ios device is an iphone (i never had an ipad), these are so great news for me. i don't know who guy decided this in apple company, but we should invite him to a beer.

  • Hi again. Yes, my setup was to use the old 30pin CCK on my iPhone 5 so I used a 30pin to lightning adapter. I works wonders in iOS 7 GM, it refused to in iOS6. I can also confirm that it works for audio interfaces (the usual, core audio compatible) and I've even tried my Griffin iMic with Traktor for prelisten :) Weirdly it will not work with cameras to import photos, neither this or the SD adapter.

  • Yep. The CCK now works on the iPhone 4, too.
    Using FCB1010 and Alesis IO4.

  • Also working for me on iPhone 4S, Zoom G3X and generic USB to MIDI cable. Now I don't need to lug an iPad to gigs!

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    The iPhone 5s and 5c that used to be listed under the compatibility section have been removed. Man I hope this wasn't a fluke and that Apple isn't planning on pulling iPhone/USB compatibility with a future iOS update...

  • iphone 5s ios7.03 original lightning 30pin adaper > alesis iodock
    try just the audio out & it powered the phone.....

  • The Edirol UA25, Axiom 61 keyboard, USB powered hub setup which I use regularly on my iPad Air does not work on my iPhone 5 - what a shame :(

  • I try to use a cck to my iphone 4s ios 8.4
    Got error device not supported. Then i connect a hp v220w 8G flash to its usb port i got this message "v220w hp ,cant use device it need too much power"
    It means iphone recognize the hp flash memory
    Do you think its a sign that mabe i somehow can use it. 4s is jailbroken and i install " camera connector" cydia tweak.
    Any idea?

  • Sounds like you need to use a powered USB hub.

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