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Loopy with Apple In-Ear Headphones - "flanger" effect?

edited February 2012 in Equipment
Just downloaded Loopy and am kicking the tires while I await the release of some of the new iIPad audio interfaces introduced at NAMM. I have the "higher fidelity" Apple InEar Headphones with built in mic - not the ones that come with the iPhone/iPad. Recordings sound extremely tinny, as if running thru a light flanger effect. Are there settings to get around this, or is this just an issue with the built-in mic of any of these phones? I've done a bit of recording in Garage Band with them in a pinch, and while the fidelity is not great, I don't get the tinny effect.


  • Hey, @cwiggins999 - that's odd! I wonder, is the audio definitely coming in your headphones' mic? Or is it still coming from the built-in one? I'm trying to think of reasons Loopy would be behaving differently to GarageBand... (Also - does rebooting make any difference? Sometimes the audio systems in these things gets into a bit of a weird state)
  • It's definitely going thru the headphone mic. I tried with some regular phones w/o built in mic, and the sound via the built-in mic is much better. A bit strange since phone conversations and other uses of the headphone mic don't have that "artifact". Just thought I'd see if anyone else experienced it. I don't plan to use Loopy "officially' until I have a decent audio interface - hopefully in a few weeks.
  • Wow, I'm afraid I'm a little baffled! Without actually purchasing the same hardware myself and having a muck about, I'm not sure how much support I can provide, unfortunately. It doesn't sound like a major problem for you given that you'll be getting another interface, but let me know if it is, and I'll look into it further. Sorry about the hassle.
  • Not a big deal - just curious.
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