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Loop shifts up side down

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Hi, I found some strange behavior when having different lengths of loops. These are the commands i used.

First i make track 4 the selected track, so i can use "toggle record then overdub (selected track)"

" toggle session pauze and restart - Toggle record then overdub (selected track) - Double clock length - Toggle record, mute, then record next track - Toggle record, mute, then record next track"


Now as you can see, track 6 is suddenly upside down. It starts playing back halfway down the track. The weird thing is, it does not shift track nr. 5 and 7.

After recording track 6, it would be logical to be able to return to track 4 without having track 6 play back. Idea's I can come up with are having a "- Toggle record, mute, then record next track, mute" binding, or a "Toggle mute, stop record after count out" as described in http://forum.loopyapp.com/discussion/842/request-midi-binding#Item_1

Also, right now it is not possible to record track 4 at clock length 4, after record - mute, and record track 5 at clock length 8. I now used the "Toggle record then overdub" to overcome this problem. Maybe the binding " Toggle record, mute, then record next track" should be set so that while recording the first track, it is still possible to alter the clock length for the second track.

I truly love this app. I'm working on a complete live performance, using only a guitar and drumjam for the beat. There are so many possibilities. This is really a dream come true :)

Ah yes, you might want to consider to reset the loops to zero when "toggle session pauze and restart" is pressed when the loops are pending to mute or record.

Thanks for the support


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    Ah! You've found a bug, @Tom, well done ;-)

    I'll sort this out for the next update. Until then, I'm afraid you'll need to wait 4 bars before recording that 5th track.

    Here's what's happening: When you record the 8-bar track 5, you're starting half-way through the 8 bar cycle. Ordinarily, that'd be fine (or at least, it would be since version 1.4/HD 2.5), and Loopy would offset the clock so that the track still starts at 12 o'clock when you finish. But, because you're starting the next loop immediately, that clock offset is happening just after the new loop starts recording, and after the new loop saves the position at which it was started. The result is that the new loop is actually incorrectly offset 4 bars.

    So, until I figure out a way around that, you can sidestep that issue by waiting that 4 bars before recording track 5 so that you begin at the start of the cycle.

    And thank you for the lovely words!

  • Hi Michael,
    I'm afraid the last update did not yet solve the "loop upside down" problem. But no rush. I understand you have a lot to do.

    Any word on the "Toggle mute, stop record after count out" MIDI binding? This would give many possibilities.

    Also, i can't understand why the "pending for mute/record loops" don't reset when i press "toggle session pause and restart". Is there a reason for this?
    I hope this video explains a bit

  • It annoys me too. I would love a 1 bar / 2 bar count in before recording. That's how I roll usually and would solve this issue. Of course that means stopping the looper for each take, but when you're working from a synth app via Audiobus, it helps a lot.

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