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Single Tap STOP at end of loop - Double Tap STOP IMMEDIATELY

Does loopy already do this and I missed it?

If it doesn't - I wish it would.

When I'm looping while I'm playing guitar I only have a fraction of a second to tell loopy what I want for it to do.

Many times, I want the current loop to stop when it gets to the end (as opposed to stopping immediately since I might be playing a solo up until the end of the loop).

Other times I want it to stop immediately without waiting.

Can we have this feature? And if we already have this feature, why doesn't mine work that way?



  • It's in there. Experiment with the count in/count out settings in the track management tab.

  • What is the "rec" for on the main screen? Why is it so hard to write a manual for this? Is there at least a description for the main screen?


  • I guess he got busy making Audiobus or whatever. Anyway the rec button is where you record all the output of Loopy, so you can make a mix of the loops.

  • Thanks. (The first, second and third rule of programming is document, document,document.) Hope he makes a bundle from the app but a manual is the right thing to do for paying customers.

  • @pslebow: Everything is well documented. Just use the help function. You'll find an explenation of every single function. Additionally you should use the training sessions included in the app.
    So I don't think there is an urgent need for another documentation.

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