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Loopy issue or something else?

So loopy was updated and it is finally back to the way I loved it, but now I've got gremlins in my rig. I am getting static on my recorded loops. I've tried rebooting many times and what sucks the most is that it doesn't happen all of the time (just most of the time) so I cannot figure it out.

It does it with two different usb hubs, tried different USB cables, tried different USB hub power sources, and still getting the crackles. Sometimes the crackles don't show up until the 3rd or 4th loop is recorded, sometimes it is flat out all distortion right out of the gate.

Using zoom g3 for audio in and out via USB, fishman triple play to demo that the sampletank sounds aren't distorting while playing in the background, and a line 6 fbv mkii express to do the midi switching. Also using a dock extender cable but I tried it without and still got the crackles so I reconnected it for convenience. I recorded a video of what it is doing and will post it shortly.

Could it be that my genuine apple camera connection kit has gone bad? Or could it be the zoom g3 USB audio in (USB out is working well with the sampletank sounds)? Or is it loopy? I am stumped here! Any advice welcome. Thanks.


  • Listen to the crackling when the loop plays back


  • It's really noticeable. Only thing I can suggest is trying a different guitar. I had an old Tele that crackled and I could only hear it with big heavy delay settings.
    Keep us informed.

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    Yeah it's like bacon frying! Lol. One time it was just pure distortion. There is no way I would feel comfortable enough to use it as is. So weird!

    I don't think it is the guitar because it only happens on loop playback but the live guitar sound is always fine. I am going to buy a new camera connection kit today just to see if that helps. Odd that it would just go bad, but who knows. If it's not that, then it has to be my zoom g3 or some sort of incompatibility with Loopy. Really hope it's not the g3 because I love that pedal and would have to rethink my entire rig if I had to switch to something different.

  • Tried a new CCK, no go. Ugh.

  • Mmmm! Where's the bacon?

  • (More helpfully: This sounds very much like some weird kinda hardware problem to me; if you'd like to upload one of the recorded loops here, I could take a closer look at the waveform which might give us some hints)

  • I don't think this will work for you, but.... I dug out my old Tele mentioned above to try and fix the scratching. Long story short it turns out to be static generated when my fingertips were rubbing over the homemade plastic pick guard. I removed the pick guard and voila, no more crackling.
    So, is something generating static electricity?

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    It has to be some sort of incompatibility with the Zoom G3. I've spent so much time on this and am already moving on and looking for another solution to get audio in and out of the iPad. Such a shame since I tasted Heaven with the most fun and flexible rig I have ever played, but the higher the highs the lower the lows when the crackles start. At this point, I do not recommend the Zoom G3 as an audio interface for the iPad. Not worth the potential headaches.

  • Ok so I am about 95% sure that this issue has to do with bringing other apps to the forefront. Finally have something to go on that is reproducible!!!

    When I launch everything and go to the loopy HD screen, then connect my hardware everything will work fine until I bring another app to the forefront either by 4 finger swiping, the audiobus mini panel, or the task bar - it doesn't matter. The crackles/ring modulation vary in duration and severity depending on the app brought forward and/or the amount of apps switched to before going back to loopy HD.

    If the crackles start then to fix all I have to do is go back to the loopy screen, disconnect my CCK, reinsert it and it will be good to go. And if I just leave loopy HD in front without ever going to any other apps it will stay ok for hours which is the longest it has ever went without corruption.

    The remaining 5% uncertainty revolves around an occasional situation where I get a flashing screen of death and the iPad automatically reboots. Haven't traced this one down yet but actually it may just be related to the same thing.

    Michael (or anyone) any idea why this would be happening or what would cause it? (iPad 3 btw)

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    For me it isnt related to foreground/background. I run Loopy in isolation on an iPad2, in airplane mode with networking and bluetooth switched off. I thought it was more likely the iODock, but the crackling doesnt happen with other audio apps on the same iPad. That doesnt necessarily mean Loopy is solely to blame, but it seems Loopy is less tolerant of certain conditions than other audio apps. I'm not sure what the specific conditions are, but it seems like a buffer issue to me.

  • @Diggo - At first I thought that our issues may be the same, but I'm starting to think that they are different which is why I resurrected this old thread. I am not doing any external midi clock syncing at all.

    In my case, switching to another app is like an "on" switch for the crackles/ring modulation. It happens every time. What is great is that now knowing this, my loop rig is actually more reliable since I know to keep it on the loopy screen at all times and I haven't had an incident since discovering this.

    The issue is that there are all sorts of limitations now, such as no using onsong to view song lyrics, no adjusting levels/settings in other apps, etc. so it would be amazing if something could be discovered from my issue to eliminate whatever is causing it. Hoping Michael sees it and it rings a bell as to what might be going on. After several months of banging my head against the wall, I've definitely regained some hope!

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