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Which footswitch for guitar recording do you use?

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I am a little ut confused about your experiences with footswitches.
I tried a simple footswitch with Alesis IODock, but it didnt work.
A Midi Monitor showed me that the footswitch sent Start and Stop but Loopy couldn't recognize this signal.
When I plug in the Footswitch jack only half, there will be a signal, but I think thats not a good solution.
Which switches do you use? Is the Behringer FCB1010 supported by Loopy via IRIG Midi?


  • Hi mick - the FCB1010 is definitely supported by Loopy. Have you definitely selected the footswitch for input? (it must have a tick beside it in the MIDI setup screen)
  • Hi Michael, yes i had the tick at the setup screen when using a simple (mechanical) Footswitch with IODock. But there was no midi data. Then I tried a simple stereo cable and made a shortcircuit and Loopy received a midi message from IODock. So its possible that I have the wrong footswitch. Maybe there are different models of switches, I dont know enough about these kind of switches.
    I dont have a FCB1010, but it would be an alternative if IO Dock doesnt work (additional there is the problem with the noise with IODock, see my posting in the other discussion)
    Maybe someone else has further information.
  • Interesting, I wonder if that problem is related to the IODock bugs! It might be resolved when that problems fixed...
  • Hi Michael,
    yesterday evening I got the solution for my problems.
    I now use my MIDI Keyboard connected via Core MIDI cable and a simple sustain pedal for it.
    So my IPAD can receive a MIDI signal and I can start and stop Loopy.
    Now I can learn to use your software.
    Thank you
  • Brilliant! Glad to hear it.
  • Hi Mick,

    maybe you can aks the guy that started this thread:
    Seems like he uses an ipad2 with loopy hd, the alesis io dock and the fcb.

    Kind regards,
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