Is it possible to use Loopy at live performance?

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Hi! I'm new to Loopy. (and I'm not good at English too T,T)

I saw that some musicians performed loop music on live with loop station.


I really wanted to do this kind of performance, so when I found this Loopy app, I was really happy.

But when I tried to do this(with iPad or iPhone), I've got big problem.

After recoding first loop, when I record second loop, the first loop sound come from internal speaker of iPad go into mic of iPad!

As a result, second loop have both first and second loop sound.
OMG. I want to record every loops seperately in individual track!
(Yes, I can solve this with HEADPHONE, but there is no meaning to use headphone on live performance! Audiance shoule be able to listen to the music too!)

How can I solve this problem?
Is it impossible to do what I want to do with Loopy?
Then, How can it be done with Loop station?
Is there any systemic differences between them?

Help! help! help!!!


  • I use the headphone socket as the audio out! Probably done over 200 concerts with loopy! Its brilliant! Even without labels!


  • Also you can turn headphone monitoring in Loopy's settings if your using the dock connection


  • Letsgo247, are you using any kind of audio interface, or are you using the initial iPad, iPod mic?

    Merseybeat you are a machine! Without labels! What will happen if you get some??

  • /stjambience I used initial mic & speaker.
    Is audiointerface gonna help? Then how?

  • To get the most out of loopy you'll want a decent audio interface and a midi foot pedal if your hands are busy playing instruments! Search the forum for 'hardware' and get a cup of tea. :)

  • Plugging the output into an external PA or amp will sound better than the internal speaker, as will using a real mic...or plugging instruments into your device. So, an audio interface helps you do that.

    What kinds of instruments are you using?

    Without seeing you use loopy, I'm guessing that maybe the following might be happening:

    1/ The internal mic is so close to the internal speaker that some of loop one is leaking into loop two.


    2/ the current version of loopy can record multiple loops at once. Is loop one still orange when u record loop two?

    @merseybeat, what kind of stuff are you doing at all these shows?

  • stjambience - Lol I will probably end up confused hahaha!


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    @stjambience thanks a lot!

    @syrupcore thanks too ;)

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