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Korg Nanocontroller, midi and Loopy troubleshooting. Tips?

edited January 2012 in Equipment
I just spent some of my Christmas money and picked up a Korg Nano controller, Behringer U-CONTROL UCA222 USB Audio Interface Regular and a IK Multimedia iRIG MIDI interface Regular along with a bunch of cable adapters. Looking forward to making some wonderful noise! I will keep you posted and let you know how it goes. Is anybody else using any of this gear with Loopy or with their DAW in general?


  • Nice! I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on!
  • I been having a blast playing around, getting the loopy interface dialed in as well as programming the new nanocontroller to help make recording and controlling my loops much more tactile and easier. However I keep having a chronic problem with Loopy "flickering" then losing connection to the midi controller. I can't seem to find much rhyme or reason to it. Everything will be going great and then it will just cut out and I have to go back and reselect the controller in the settings dialog box. Anybody else having this issue or a way to troubleshoot?
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