Loopy and voicelive touch

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Hi everyone,
I would like to know if some of you have been able to use loopy with a voicelive touch and if yes, how did you do it, i searched a lot on the forum but didn t find anything about it .
Also, anyone could tell me the right setting to plug my voicelive touch and a foot pedal?
Looking forward to your reply :))


  • I run my vocal mic and guitar through a VoiceLive Touch, and it works fine for me for everything except loop syncing. Unfortunately, TC Helicon decided that MIDI syncing the VoiceLive's looper was not important, so there's no way to run its internal loops side-by-side with Loopy, or anything else, and have it stay synced.

    As far as just running the sound from the VLT to Loopy, you just run a cable from the VLT output of your choice (XLR or 1/4") to whatever you're using as an input device for your ipod/pad/phone. There are a few options for that; I use an Alesis iO4 through a CCK (Camera connection kit) into my iPad.

  • Voicelive is garbage and noisy. Also very latent. Save up and get a decent vocal processor.

  • @ABrokenRecord, do you mean the TC Helicon app? I haven't had any problems with the VLT hardware.
    What processor would you recommend?

  • @chadsell yes, my bad. I misread it. I am a little bitter after spending 40 on iRig Pre and 20 on Vocalive App, sorry.

    The touch is unbelievable. Wish I could afford one!

  • I've found the app to be a good "Vocal Sketchpad", and it does have some nice effects ( hardtune for your robot voices! )

    That said, I hope it will support Audiobus at some time, partially so I can dump some of my sessions into the more option-rich Loopy HD ; - )

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