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My loopy looper works perfect - better than Boss RC-50!!

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...just finished my little looping project during the holidays...
so - this is it:

if u like it pls share ;-)
Michael - thanks for this great app and for the support - without loopy this song would not exist. Its so much fun creating music with loopy!!

Best regards,

Ps. used Hardware:

  • IPad 3
  • Fireface UCX in CC-Mode
  • Behringer FCB1010
  • Boss OC-3 SuperOctaver
  • Boss AW-3 AutoWahWah
  • Rode NT2
  • Epiphone Masterbuild
  • Behringer Xenyx
  • TC Helicon T1


  • Nice work. Nice video too!

    Were your loop lengths predefined or are insanely fast with your feet? :)

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    Insanely fast :-)
    I set the behringer pedals 1-4 to "toggle record without count in" for track 1-4.
    The pedals 6-9 are set to "toggle mute (with count in)" for track 1-4.
    Pedal 5 is set to "stop track" and pedal 10 is set to "mute all tracks(with count in)".

  • @Marcdetriumphe - Beautiful performance!

    One question, what version Loopy are you using ? I don't have a "stop track" available in the bindings, or did you mean something else?

  • Simply brilliant, Marc. This made my day.

  • ah, without count in. Loopy's count-in stuff works so well, I seem to have forgotten that I looped without it for years. Really well done!

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    I notice you seem to be using yer fingers for start/stop more than yer feet, or at least that's the way it looks.

    How often are you using the pedal board in the above video?

    Nice job, whichever way you got there.


  • Thanks ;-)
    @Ganthofer - sry for the confusion...i mean "toggle session pause and restart". ;-)
    @oscarecroe - i mainly use the pedal board to toggle record for each track...to mute tracks i use the fingers. Works faster for me, especially if u have to mute 2,3 tracks for the next part of the song...or to merge tracks.

  • Awesome video. I have a very similar set up. What did you use for the screen capture on iPad?

  • My iphone 4s taped on the ceiling :-)

  • Hah! Love a low-tech/high-tech solution

  • Haha awesome!!! I too have the 4s. I mounted mine to the celing via iKilp mini

  • WOW! It is not only an excelent video and song, but a great example of how to use Loopy App! I would love to see a more detail description of your setup. I am not a singer, but a sax player, and I have a lot of trouble to get together with a band, since most musicians are not on time, or get easily distracted etc. That is why I want to emulate exactly what you have in order to be a ONE MUSICIAN BAND! Ok, enough words, I just want to ask what direction should I take to make the same arrangement. I currently have the AmpliTube iRig, my dear Washburn, BOSS GT-6 Guitar Effect Processor, an iPad 4, the AudioBus, Loopy, FunkBox, SP Pro, and all software you can imagine. I do not have the pedal, is it necessary? How do you manage to record your guitar and voice and not record it again over the other tracks? Or can all be done with the fingers? Anyway, I do not expect a detail advise, only a description of what you did since I am right now very interested in buying all the stuff I am missing in order to post a SIMILAR VIDEO but with a Jazz song playing Sax! Thanks and Great Job!

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    Thx a lot!!
    Ok I try to keep it simple :-) if u want to use loopy for live performances I would really recommand to get a foot pedal to control loopy as u need your hands for the instrument (especially for the first loops). As u have an iRig - so no midi input - i would go for something like the irigblueboard...but if u want some better sound quality, go for an clas complient audio device including midi in&outs. Then u can use the behringer fcb1010 like I do.

    Before going into the audio device I am using a mixer (inserts: one vocal mic and two guitar line in)...so my setup is: mic and guitar into effect pedals into mixer into audio device into ipad into loopy. Loopy is controled by behringer fcb1010 and by hands...
    I m using one output of my audio device (fireface ucx) for my in-ears and one for the PA.

    Ps in a few days I am finishing my "flight case loopy loop station"-project...I ll post some pics...just close the case and the hole setup is ready for transport :-D

    Hope that helps.

  • Looking forward to seeing the complete setup Marc.
    Thanks in advance.

  • @Marcdetriumphe hi, compliment for great video!
    In the description of your equipement you say that guitar and mic goes in to a pedal control, do you mean fbc 1010 ?
    ...."before going into the audio device I am using a mixer (inserts: one vocal mic and two guitar line in)...so my setup is: mic and guitar into effect pedals into mixer into audio device into ipad into loopy"...
    Do you connect your audio interface with camera connection kit or your interface allow you to connect directly ?
    @Everybody ... I want to buy an audio interface but something cheap... Can you tell me someone ?is better "alesis io 4" or roland duo capture ? There are others i still don't know ?I think Alesis io dock has a problem, if i change ipad 2 with ipad 4 can i still use it ? There could be a size problem

    Thank you for all

  • My $0.02, if you buy a stand alone interface, like a Presonus, M-Audio or Scarlett, you're not bound to using it ONLY with the iPad, you can also use it on a PC or Mac.

    Just this week I upgraded to an iPad4 and got the Lightning to 30 pin adapter CABLE (not adapter block) and it is a much more solid connection as the CCK is located mid cable, not on the side of the iPad.

  • Good call on the cable rather than the adapter, Muzza. The poor design of the connection is untypical for an Apple product.

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    Ok it took a while to finish the "LoopyFlightCase" but here it is...
    I´ve added some numbers for a better description.
    (1) those two plugs are for my guitar (I've got two pickups..)
    (2) they go into the Boss-Expression-Pedal and then into the two Boss StompBoxes
    (3) the SM58 is connected to the TC-Helicon-Compressor
    (4) guitar&Mic-Signals go into the Behringer mixer
    (5) The Mixer-Output (left/right) is connected to the RME-Fireface
    (6) The Behringer FCB 1010 Midioutput is connected to the Midi Input of the Fireface
    (7) the Ipad is connected with the camera connection kit to the fireface (hard to see ´cause i ve used a black dock extension cable (really recommended!!))
    (8) this is my DIY power supply ;-)

    to take loopy everywhere u just have to dismount the mic tripod, close the flight case... and u re ready for the show ;-)!!

    Ps. actually the Fireface-Midi/audiointerface is placed outside the case as I mainly use it for Mac-Recording. But this setup works with any ClassComplient Midi&Audio-Interface

    Hope this answers a lot of the questions I ve received so far...
    Best regards,

  • That is a triumph, Marc :)

  • Wow, Marc. Nicely done. I can't wait to see more performances!

  • Thanks For your time Marc :) Your demonstration is perfect. I just have one question :) to play live i need also a a diy ? If a play without i'll loose in power and quality of audio out line?
    Thank you again, i hope to see you in live performance :)

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    Hey @Marcdetriumphe, looks like you're using a K&M iPad holder? They're great aren't they!

    I noticed you had it on the side of your mic stand, so the iPad sits in easy reach of your left hand.

    I thought "that's clever, its closer to his hand, so quicker to operate."

    Then I noticed you use your RIGHT hand to operate Loopy.

    What is the reasoning behind your decision to place the iPad to the left instead of the right?

  • THis is really cool ! Thanks for sharing !

  • @ emanueele: no - diy power supply is just an alternative to a multiple socket... For me it looks better
    @ muzza: :-D have never thought about that...

  • @marcdetriumphe -- great photos and design! Very nice. I am curious...my setup currently requires no less than SEVEN "wall warts" or wall transformers that came with my various devices. Some use low-volt AC, most low-volt DC. I have tried some universal supplies like the iSpot, but they have not worked well for me (ground hum problems). So, I use now just use an AC power strip with the transformers, which adds significant weight and bulk to my setup.

    What was involved with your "DIY power supply?" Did you design and build it? What is it? Etc...

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    Actually there is nothing special in it. I just went to the flea market and bought some transformers (same voltage, more ampere). Some wiring action, a switch...and thats it. Result- I saved 4 of 7 transformers...and a lot of weight.

  • But to save 4 of 7, did you just wire some transformers with the power connectors in series? I have been trying that, but it is hit and miss when it comes to ground hum issues.
    The transformers are heavy, huh?!

  • Exactly.but i don't have any hum issues. Do u use a DI-Box for your guitar?

  • Great vid and song Marc-

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