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M-AUDIO firewire 1814 audio interface

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Hello, can I use m-audio firewire 1814 to connect to the ipad2 trough camera connection kit? It is a good audio interface but i don't know if could work good because is a bit old.



  • The CCK is USB. This interface is firewire. So unfortunately, no, there is not a way to connect them.

  • Aiiii.... Thank you ...

    I play double bass and sing, so i would like to put them in loopy hd. Is it possible ? Wich audio interface is good to use in live performances?

  • If you care about limiting your need for power supplies, there are a few options around this forum somewhere. On the other hand, if you're like me and don't mind an extra plug, then the Alesis iO4 is pretty great--especially for the price. You can pick one up for around $75 these days. It will handle your audio input as well as MIDI.

  • So to play i need

    • fbc 1010

    • audio interface like alesis iO 4

    • mixer

    Then ? Sorry but this my fist time with this kind of stuff. Do I miss something?

    I just tried with irig but the sound is terrible :(

  • Depending on how many lines/mics you want to use, you may not need an external mixer. The iO4 has four inputs and acts as a basic 4-mono or 2-stereo mixer... Although I've had trouble getting all 4 inputs into the iPad at once, and haven't looked too deeply into it, since I only use 2: guitar and a mic.
    So I run the guitar into one channel, and the mic into the next, and route my FCB 1010 to the MIDI, and my monitors to the iO4's outputs. The I plug the iO4 into the iPad via a CCK.

    I've also been experimenting with using Beatmaker 2 through AudioBus as a mixer with effects, internal to the iPad, but that's not necessary for a bare-bones set up.

  • Ok now is clear, thank you for all :)

  • I was using an ipad 2 with a bus powered Presonus 22VSL and the CCK. I was very unhappy with the big block of 'stuff' hanging off the bottom of the ipad AND annoyed at having to use a powered hub to work the Presonus.

    So, I recently upgraded to an ipad 4 and got a lightning to 30 pin adapter CABLE, (not the block adapter) and now I just have this tiny, cute, secure connector hanging off the bottom of the ipad.

    Seeing I was in an upgrade mood, I got myself a Presonus 44VSL, which isn't bus powered, has 2 more inputs and 4 individual line-outs.

    I needed power at the mic stand to run the USB hub anyway, so one in - one out. I'm a happy chappy.

    Now I've just got got to actually spend some time on actually USING Loopy and improving my guitar playing.... a lot!

    Anyone wanna buy a 2 month old Presonus 22VSL?

  • Thank you for your answers. @muzza thank you but i don't need Presonus :)

  • Remember if you buy an Alesis, you're stuck just using it with an ipad.

    If you buy a standalone USB interface like M-Audio, Presonus or a Scarlett you can also use it on a PC or mac.

  • I was thinking about roland ua 22(ua 55) or a focus right pro - 24,do you think is ok ?

  • i would like to use fbc 1010 for loopy and another midi keyborad to connect to msi-20 korg. is it possible with one connection midi ?

  • Not a MIDI expert, but many of the USB interfaces have got MIDI in and MIDI out - I'd imagine you'd be able to daisy chain the devices, but I'm talking out of my a$$.

    A proper expert will be along shortly to tell you the correct answer.

  • Thank you Muzza :)

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