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I'll show you mine if you show me yours

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Just spent a ton of time figuring how to integrate loopy into a real performance rig. I just found the alesis I/o dock. Pretty awesome piece of gear for getting lots of connectivity. The vague setup (not sure of all the model numbers) speaking more generally.

5 channel behringer mixer feeding a mic in, a stereo feed from my iPhone, and a stereo feed from my turntable
This feeds into a motu 828 interface that is hooked up to a Mac mini running ableton live (mainly for effects and virtual instruments).Axiom 64 keyboard is hooked to ableton as well for playing synths and such..

This feeds into the stereo input on the alesis I/O Dock which is running loopy.
I have the behringer foot controller hooked up to loopy using the midi input on the alesis I/o dock.

The rest is a bunch of instruments : a tenor alto and soprano sax, piano, violin, guitar, percussion instruments, kazoo, circuit bent toys, etc....pretty much anything that makes noise. iPhone apps as well

Very very fun stuff! Will post as the creations come.

I'm very interested in how others are integrating their iPad into their setups and why. Show us your rig!


  • First track made with loopy and this setup:

  • So many possibilities...! :P Looking forward to hearing more...

    I'm having a very strange reaction to finally getting to try Loopy... I've never been particularly interested in busking previously but now I can't get the idea out of my mind... so I'm going to try setting up the following rig:
    Power source: Marine battery + 200W-ish, dual outlet inverter
    Inputs: Gooseneck dynamic mic (stolen from a microSAMPLER), contact mic for acoustic instruments, electric guitar, iPod Touch
    "Mixer": Korg KP3 (two of the four inputs can be plugged in at once)
    Connection to iPad: KP3 into Apogee Jam into iPad 30-pin connector
    Amp: Behringer HT108 (connected to iPad headphone jack)

    Can't wait to see if it flies... ;)
  • Made a new track. I'm loving the shit out of this app!

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