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Loop offset not saving when exporting

edited December 2012 in General

Hi, is it something I'm not doing properly or does it need fixed? After getting a bunch of loops working nicely, changing start points, etc.. When I export these loops to open in another app the start points have gone back to how they were originally recorded causing none of my loops to fit together nicely in the next app. Having to alter the start points of 12 loops in an editor before I can do anything with them is hard work! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


  • I should say I'm recording sounds from apps in the iPhone onto loopy hd on the ipad using the griffin imic

  • Hey Leeg - this is an oversight on my part which I'm planning on fixing in the next update. Sorry about that!

  • Oh brilliant! Such a great app anyway I look fwd to the update. Many thanks

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