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Big MIDI problem!



  • Brilliant work @IvanM! Thanks so much, too, that really takes the pressure off =)

    I've got this all fixed in the beta for the next version, but I don't wanna release 'till I've taken care of another couple bits and pieces.

  • THX @IvanM
    but...it works until:

    6.Next, you have to assign a MIDI CC to pedal #1. Do this by holding down pedal #6 labelled CNT 1. Pedal #6’s LED should light up and stay on.

    7.Push down pedal #6 so that its LED starts flashing.

    ...it doesn't start flashing :(
    am I doing something wrong?

  • Maybe this helps:
    6.Next, you have to assign a MIDI CC to pedal #1. Do this by holding down pedal #6 labelled CNT 1.(press it down long-2s)! Pedal #6’s LED should light up and stay on.
    7.Push down pedal #6 (push very short)! so that its LED starts flashing.
    Press down long, and push it short I read this in the Manual of the FCB1010!
    Haven`t tried it jet!

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    perfect! thank you @tubeman59 now it works...

  • [email protected] , it works great. Tried it out!

  • @Michael
    Did you fix the problem? I have a pedal board that can't be programmed to use CC so I need you to fix the bug ASAP :-)

  • I've come close but still haven't totally nailed it, I'm afraid @Balla - I'm working as fast as I can, but I'm afraid it's gonna be a little while still. Any way you can just restore the prior version till I've got it sorted?

    I think I might put out an announcement letting people know how to back up versions before upgrading - would definitely mitigate this kind of thing in the future...

  • Yes, I'm using the prior version... No big issue.

  • Ah phew, that's good to hear. I'll have the fixed version out soon, but it ain't gonna be tomorrow, I'm afraid. But soon =)

  • @IvanM Thank you SOOOO much. I just ran into this exact problem today and you're quick walk through fixed it. Maybe you or @tubeman59 can help me get the expression pedals working now too. I've done a bit of research but seem to be a lost cause on understanding how to program the FCB1010. Like many said it used to just work but for whatever reason stopped with the updates (no pressure to fix it, I just need to learn how my hardware works) Thanks again!

  • Thanks in advance for your step by step message... I think I'll end up with an FCB1010... After I sell off some old stuff to pay the bill.

    But thanks, should be most helpful

  • Just so you guys know: The update with the fix to this has finally gone to App Review. It'll hit probably sometime next week, give or take.

    Apologies for the delay getting it out to you.

  • Hi Michael, many thanks!
    PS. Does the new/submitted update contain Audiobus? :)

  • New version ? Yahouuu , THANKS MICHAEL ! :)

  • I am having the same issue as described here with my binding actions to my MidiBuddy MP128 program change events that it sends. Although I can go through the binding process it ends up that all the bindings simply become "select next track" or "select previous track" and none of the other actions.

    Glad I found this thread as it was driving me crazy. Which made me think of a new suggestion for the next version - a live "known bugs" link from the app (or details that can be read by the app from a server so that it has the latest known information). It would have saved me a lot of time knowing what I can expect to have to workaround, etc.

    Otherwise, great app and looking forward to future updates!

  • Hello....
    I use ableton looper, fcb1010, etc....
    Im thinking in move to loopy, but I want to know if is possible to control loopy via cc or note from, for example, korg nanppad, or softpedal, etc.
    Thanks for your help

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    Loopy can talk to cc's or program changes (a problem with prog changes has been fixed for the next update which is already in Apple's hands)

  • Thanks stjambience.....but...Do you know what kind of iPhone / iPad interface i need for connect a ¨cc_send¨ device like softpedal or nanokontrol, etc?...Thanks again...

  • Hello,
    I guess a simple CCK should be enough, seems the nanopad is USB compliant :
    If you need to connect multiple USB devices, it needs a powered usb hub as well.
    To connect FCB1010, it needs also a midi interface, a very simple one should be enough as you just need 1 in/ 1 out, pluged into the hub.

  • No worries :)

    Okay, there are a bunch of midi interfaces that people are using to get midi info the the app. There are some discussions below. A lot of them (like the Alesis iO4 or iDock) offer midi and audio ins and outs. What interface are you using for the ableton rig?

    If you have an interface that doesn't require drivers you can connect them through USB via an Apple Camera Connection Kit...often called a CCK.

    Let us know what you find...and I'm sure some others around here can chime in



  • Thanks for answer crony..!

  • Thanks..! Basically, I want to imput guitar trough an Peavey Ampkit, and use loopy controlled by a nanopad2 ( yes, transformed as pedal ; ) )). I think this is possible, with the device to connect usb trogh camera port in iphone then...or im wrong..?
    If this run, next step is move to i u2 to sync with my ableton, trough midi cable....

  • I think Alesis IO4 is better than Tascam IU2, because it's much more versatile...
    I do own an IO4 and it's really great !

  • Yes...is a little more expensive, but is 4 inputs..!

  • Sadly, the Apple camera kit, to send USB midi messages from a pedal to Loopy on iPhone doesnt work.

    Any idea to control Loopy , on iPhone, with a USB pedal??

  • Ha sorry, didn't read that you were lookink for an Iphone device...
    Maybe thru bluetooth ? Maybe there's a converter Bluetooth / USB... Hmm...seems hard...

  • No midi for iPhone CCK?! That's a bummer.

    More investigating....

    Btw crony, love you're stuff around here

  • Thanks ! :)

  • Hey estebanlucci , you could use an iRig midi core or Line midi mobilizer. Both seem to be iPhone friendly. You would then need to your audio in and out via the headphone input...iRig make an audio in/out gadget.

    Does anyone else know any other audio interfaces the use the headphone jack?

  • @estebanlucci

    I'm a guitarist/vocalilst and use loopy solely on my iphone 4s.
    Tascam IU2 is so far the best option available!!! I can send my vox to channel R and guitar to L channel with guitar designed input and they output from loopy separately so I can send my vox to PA and guitar to my AMP :)
    on top of that I can use 2 MIDI devices at once by using a simple stereo 3,5mm jack 2in1 adapter, so I control loopy with FCB1010 and garageband keyboards with my PCRm50

    If your midi device has no midi output then try using something like the box below:

    Good luck :)

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