Loopy HD and AirTurn BT-105

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Hi all, I'm a Loopy and Loopy hd user, really good looper apps.

I also have a new AirTurn BT-105 with two footswitch pedals... I've tried it asap with loopy hd and I've succesfully configured the first pedal behavior, but I'm not able to set second pedal link with command... because it is already assigned.
Any other with the same problem?


  • If you check the videos on the developer's site, I believe there's some info on how to set a pedal to 'null'.

  • There's a video here showing how to set up the pedal to best work with the current version of Loopy:


    The reason it's not working for you is that iOS 6 introduced some changes in the way the text input works (which is what the pedals use), which has broken arrow key recognition in Loopy. The default "iPad" mode, for some odd reason, given that it's the hardest to implement, uses arrow keys. You need to put it in a different mode that uses different characters for the pedals.
    I've already fixed the problem in the next update, which I'll be submitting to Apple within the week, most likely.

  • Ok, thanks!
    Look forward for the update.

  • I have the same configuration and I was able to assign all pedals by changing the airturn to profile #2 but the biggest problem I had was latency! It sucks! Had a pretty embarrassing show last night not being able to trigger the loops right on time! Airturn is a cool idea, but if you're using it live its useless with the loopy.

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