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Help teh Newb

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Hey guys. I'm sure this information is out there somewhere, but I'm lost, so I thought maybe some kind soul could just explain a few things about loopy to me... bear with me while I explain.

I'm coming from an RC-50. Thinking of upgrading to the RC-300, but then I saw this... so I'm turning it over in my mind.

1) Can Loopy be programmed to behave like an RC-50? I want to use it in "Single Mode" fashion. In that mode, you can record on a loop and overdub to add to it right away. Then when you're ready for the chorus, you hit a button which cues up a new loop when this one is over. Once you're in the new loop, the old one stops playing, but it's available for when you want to go back. So you can do verse/chorus / bridge. Can loopy do this with simple commands coming from a foot pedal?

2) I'm concerned about latency. Is this an issue? One of the main reasons I've gone with hardware looping so far is that whenever I've tried looping software on my laptop, latency has made life impossible. My laptop isn't a bad one. Can I expect life to be better just because I'm using an iPad? I'm simply not willing to deal with latency.

3) How reliable is the clock sync? Does it accept and send midi clock information well?

4) What hardware do I need to buy to run Loopy properly? I'd want to connect a microphone, guitar, and keyboard, as well as a midi pedal to control the thing. I already have an iPod touch. Should I use something else? What else would I need? I see talk about Alesis docks, CCK's, Midi interfaces... grumble...

5) Anything else I should know in comparison to this and an RC-300?

Thanks. :)


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    First, your dealing with lots of visual cues, i.e., you can see all of your loops. Their start points, end point, speed, length, etc. Also, this is software. It can and will evolve. Michael is extremely receptive to input from Loopy users.

    There are no effects, but that's about to change BIG TIME. The RC-300 has some pretty great effects, but when Audiobus comes out (soon), you'll have access to more varied effects than the RC-300.

    When I got Loopy, I sold my RC-300, bought an Alesis iODock and have never looked back. Throw in a Behringer FC1010 and you're set.

    Finally, latency has not been an issue for me and I'm a drummer. Timing is everything! As for sync, I have used Loopy only as master, so can't say. There is a lot of discussion on this board about syncing so dig in.

    I don't think a three character LED display is the future, but for some it may be enough.

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