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Big MIDI problem!

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With the new version every MIDI event is translated in "Select next track". I tried to assign from scratch everything but It just doesn't work anymore!!!
I downgraded to previous version (thanks to Time Machine :-)) and everything work properly... please FIX it!



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    I tried with the iPhone (4s) and MIDI commands don't work either with the latest version... it's only me?
    Maybe it is the Tascam iU2, but with other apps (and with the previous version of loopy) works perfectly!

  • Hmm, that's funny, everything's been working fine here. When you go to bind a new action, what's it say in the action description when you fire off the MIDI action? Does it all say the same thing, or do you get the proper description for different MIDI messages?

  • Hi Michael,
    I tried different setup and I discovered that the problem is with Program Change.
    Everything seems to work during the assignment of MIDI event to actions, but then doesn't work properly.
    I tried with Control Change and Note On event and it's ok... the problem is only with program change.

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    same here :((((
    how can I downgrade???

    Its really a big problem!

  • Hi Michael, I got the same problem with my Behringer FCB1010 nothing works as it has before. So, how can I downgrade?

  • Can you guys give me some more details? I'm keen to fix that, but I don't have that equipment here, so I can't test it myself. If you can walk me through what's going on, I can fix it then we can all benefit =)

    You can always downgrade by installing an older version from your backup (time machine, etc) - you do have a backup, right?

  • @Balla - thanks for the details. Can you be more specific, though? What happens with Program Change? Do you have the MIDI Monitor app, or some other app that shows you the MIDI messages received? Press Program Change a few times and tell me what it says - perhaps your device is doing something I didn't expect.

  • Here it seems like that every programmchange from my BCF appears in loopy as "programmchange 1"

  • @Michael
    The Program Change is recognized properly during the assignment (lauflicht, I think the 1 is the channel).
    If I try to assign the same PC to different actions it recognized it properly.... BUT...

    ...during the play the program change 01 is not recognized and any else Program Change received just do the first thing in the list!

    Michael tell me if I can do some other test to help you fix it.

  • Ah, perfect - this is just what I needed to know. I'll look into it now, but of course it's gonna take at least a week for Apple to review it once I've uploaded the fixed version, so you may want to downgrade 'till then. Sorry for the inconvenience =)

    (This is exactly why I think Apple should have some kind of a 'public prerelease' program where you can opt in and out to in-development versions!)

  • Hello, I have Loopy running on iPad3 , and my Desktop Computer is a Windows7 system.
    How can I downgrade Loopy?

  • the assignment doesnt work here @Balla
    every programm channel is listed as number 1

  • @tubeman59, you can only downgrade if you've actually got a copy of the version you want to install, I'm afraid - yet another App Store limitation that drives us all crazy. If you've a backup, restore from that; if not... Time to start a backup regime, perhaps, and you have my sympathies and assurance that I'm working on it as we speak =)

  • Are you guys mapping multiple Program Change messages (with different values) to different actions? Or are we talking about just one binding, here?

  • @Michael
    Yes, just to clarify. We want to assign different program change to different actions like we did with previous version of Loopy HD... everything was working perfectly!

    Now it works properly with other MIDI events (CC and Note On), but not with program changes.

    Unfortunately there is some MIDI Control device that is not programmable and send only Program Changes.
    Waiting for news :-)

    BTW... the thing of assigning two different actions to the same MIDI event would be very useful to manage songs (verse and choruses with more than one instrument) and shouldn't be too hard to implement. But, I know, that's another story...

  • Would someone be able to make sure some actions are mapped to Program Change messages, then use the Help » Support » Email Support function to email me some diagnostic info?

  • I agree with the multiple actions per trigger thing - I intend to further develop this control stuff to make it more programmable, with multiple actions per trigger, and also sequenced actions, so it performs various actions in sequence. (That'll be funded by an in-app purchase)

  • Just sent you the email...

  • Thanks, Balla - would you be able to map a few more actions in addition to that 02 trigger, so that there are three or four different PC messages mapped?

  • Oh! Wait, no need. I think I just figured out what's wrong. Stand by.

  • Program change 2 to 5 assigned (I think that are 01 to 04 in MIDI).

  • Okay, I think I've got it - i'll get one of the testers with similar equipment to you to make sure it works, and will release it ASAP.

  • Hello Michael, I use a FCB1010 Midi Footcontroller. I can program it so that every FCB-Pedal sends another PC message out. Every PC has a different number.
    (normally used, to assign different presets in a multi FX device).
    I think all your Bindings listed in Loopy must have different numbers. If this is so, can you send me a list off all the assosiated numbers. So I can programm Loopy Midi from the FCB1010, and not programm the FCB1010 from Loopy.

  • Hello,

    I programmed the FCB1010 Footswitch 1 for PG 01. This works as "Toggle Record and overdub". All other PGs from 02-05 work as Toggle Mute.
    So, the Loopy has a problem with the PGs.

  • Hi @tubeman59 - There are no preconfigured bindings in Loopy: You set them up yourself using Loopy's bindings interface.

    The reason it's not working for you is due to a bug in the MIDI message to action binding code. I fixed it this afternoon, but it's going to take a little while to go through Apple's approval process.

  • about a week you said?

  • It'll probably be more like a week and a half to two, as it needs to be tested first, plus I need to address a couple of other things.

  • @Michael would it be possible to provide a default set of MIDI bindings? I don't really care what they are -- for me I would rather take care of the mapping on the computer side than use MIDI learn one-by-one on the iOS device.

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    @heuermh, this is going to be taken care of once I've implemented import/export for MIDI bindings. I don't think I can practically create a default binding configuration that will work decently for every device, but what I can do is let users share configurations, which will work far better.

  • If you have a problem with fcb 1010 and the New versioning of loopy, I have a solution!
    Its requires that you program your fcb 1010, here's a step by step instruction..

    A quick note, in the instructions PUSH refers to a quick push of the pedal, HOLD means hold the pedal down for about 2.5 seconds. Now, onto programming.

    1. Select the bank to program by tapping the UP/ENTER or DOWN/ESCAPE pedals. In this example, let’s use Bank 01. Ensure that 01 appears in the numeric display

    2. Select the pedal to assign a MIDI CC message to. Let’s use pedal #1. Pedal #1’s red LED should light up

    3. Push the DOWN/ESCAPE pedal until the green LED for SWITCH 2 starts flashing

    4. Push UP/ENTER to confirm that you want to edit pedal #1

    5. Now, you’ll notice that pedals #1, #8, and #9 all have their LED’s activated. This means that pedal #1 has these MIDI functions already assigned to it. It is necessary to disable the #1 MIDI functions before programming the FCB1010 to work properly with Loopy. So, to turn it off you must HOLD THE PEDAL DOWN UNTIL THE RED LED TURNS OFF. Do this for pedal #1. OBS NOT FOR PEDAL #8 AND #9 BECAUS THIS WILL TURN OF THE EXPRESSION PEDALS!

    6. Next, you have to assign a MIDI CC to pedal #1. Do this by holding down pedal #6 labelled CNT 1. Pedal #6’s LED should light up and stay on.

    7. Push down pedal #6 so that its LED starts flashing.

    8. Push UP/ENTER to confirm that you want to change the value for CNT 1.

    9. A number should start flashing in the numeric display above the UP/ENTER pedal. This shows the current CC# number that pedal #1 is assigned to. For use with Loopy, you can assign any CC# number, but if you want to use your fcb 1010 with able ton live this needs to be assigned to an undefined CC# which are CC#’s 22-31, and 84-90. For this example, let’s use CC#22, so enter this either by pressing the #2 pedal twice, or by using the Expression Controller A. ( When you repeat this for the other pedals, in step 14 you have to give them their own unique number, pedal#1 CC22, pedal#2 CC23 and so on)

    10. The numeric display should now read 22 and it should not be flashing. Press UP/ENTER to confirm this selection

    11. Next, the numeric display should be flashing with a value. This is the velocity setting, which for our purposes you should set to 127 in the same manner described in step 9

    12. The numeric display should now read 127 and it should not be flashing. Press UP/ENTER to confirm this selection. The LED for pedal #6 should stop flashing and remain lit.

    13. The next step is to save the new settings. To do this, hold the DOWN/ESCAPE pedal until the Bank number appears in the numeric display, which in this case, should be 01. The LED for pedal #1 should remain lit.

    14. Repeat step 2 - 13 for every pedal on your fcb1010. OBS IF PEDAL #8 and #9 AIN'T LIT IN STEP 5, PUSCH THEM TO ACTIVATE, OTHERWISE THE EXPRESSION PEDALS WON'T WORK!

    15. You should now be able to add bindnings in loopy and everything should work!

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