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Loopy 2 compatibillity with Griffin Stompbox

edited November 2011 in Equipment
Is loopy 2 already compatible with the Griffin Stompbox? This would be very nice and useful! :)


  • Alas no, @beethekook - Griffin have denied access to their SDK. The MIDI Mobiliser and iRig MIDI will work with the next release of Loopy, though, as well as any other device that supports Core MIDI.
  • Hey Michael, thanks for the reply.
    That´s sad, oh ok. So I could use for example the Behringer FCBC1010 to control?
    Would be very nice!

    Are there maybe other Foot Controllers available at the moment to control Loopy?
  • No problem!

    Yep, that's right - via the Camera Connection Kit (for iPad), or third-party device like the iRig MIDI.

    I'm afraid I can't suggest any in particular - I don't know much about hardware, to be honest! As long as it supports Core MIDI (for iOS-specific devices), or just plain old MIDI (as long as you have an adaptor), then it should work just fine ( - with the next update, which I'm almost finished developing!)
  • Ok, thanks Michael ;)
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