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I think I ordered the wrong pedalboard :-/

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So, I'm a total newb when it comes to MIDI and such. I ordered the Rolls MP128
Product info and manual here: http://www.rolls.com/product.php?pid=MP128

This pedal does program changes but I think I'm supposed to have something that does note changes? I was trying to stay away from the Behringer because of the size (and no need of the expression pedal) but I'm assuming really this is the only choice?
The pedalboard already shipped but live and learn I suppose.. or am I missing something and it will work out okay.?


  • Hey @Boris - Unless I've missed something, I don't see any problems with using a device that sends program changes with Loopy; Loopy should just pick up those messages during binding and use them as normal.
  • That sir, is the best news I've had all day !
    I was under the impression that only note value like the kind the FCB1010 would be able to trigger the loops. My needs are VERY modest. Just turning on and off various loops in a live setting while I play bass. Again, this is a brave new world so I'm probably making every conceivable mistake there is ! I'll update if everything goes well.
    Great app and thank you for listening to your customers!
  • I'm very happy to oblige =) Thanks for the kind words!
  • Would love to hear how this works out. I was unable to get loopy to respond with a program change only pedal. http://forum.loopyapp.com/discussion/comment/1012
  • @syrupcore I indeed got it to work. Its only preliminary so far, but I got tracks to mute and for the session to stop/restart. I have to delve deeper and see what else is possible. By the way, I really like the sturdy footswitch I'm using. If it all works out, it's a solid piece of gear. I'll update more soon.
  • @syrupcore - That issue may have been because of the goofy Active Sense bug, where Loopy was seeing those as valid events. That's all fixed in the update, which will land any day.
  • Great news all around!
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