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Loopy Pro v1017 > iPad runs very hot while charging!!

I've left my iPad Air2 unattended on the charger for hours and hours after loading / checking the new update thinking it would lock the screen after 2 minutes and put it aside, but it didn't lock the screen and now my iPad runs very, very hot. Is this normal behavior? I can't remember it ran this hot before, even when I was using the app for hours...


  • Hey! That’s interesting – I certainly haven’t changed anything that would explain that. Are you doing something different? If you’d like I could hook you up with TestFlight and you could try previous versions again with the same setup, see if it still happens

  • Hi Michael, yes please!

  • My battery wasn't that healthy to begin with, but this hourly long charging mistake the other day while Loopy was active, killed my battery it seems... (100% to 20% in just 2 hours 😢)

  • Bummer! That's annoying! I bought an iPad Air 2 with a busted battery deliberately, thinking it wouldn't matter as it's always plugged in, but it was all messed up, dies all the time. Turns out it's pretty cheap to get them replaced – not by Apple, but there are lots of third parties that do it.

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