Is there any way to work loopy like a full scale loopstation for a guitarist?

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Hey, I'm a guitarist who's wanted to get a loop station for some time now, and I just stumbled across this app - however, I thought I'd ask some questions before I get it (I apologize in advance for how long this is, and if it's not in the right place!)

Basically, I want to find a way to use my iphone, loopy, and a midi footswitch in order to loop multiple tracks live without having to spend over 450 dollars buying a boomerang iii or boss rc 50/300 looper

1st: is there any sort of equipment you can plug into an iphone (not ipad) that has both a standard 1/4 inch input AND a 1/4inch output? Basically, this would allow you to go from the 1/4 inch output of an electric guitar or your pedalboard into the loopy app on the iphone, and then go out another 1/4 inch cable into an amp. Does anything like that exist for the iphone?

I've seen plenty of stuff for the iphone that accepts a 1/4 inch input, but only ha 1/8 inch outputs (which won't work for what I'm trying to do), but I know that there are docks for the ipad that allow this. The only thing I've been able to find that might work would be the irig stomp, and that isn't available yet.

2nd: I've seen that it has midi - would this allow you to buy a midi footswitch, and do all of your looping hands free? Or is there still some stuff you'd have to use your hands for once the app is running?

(Bonus points if there's a midi footswitch that would be able to accept the guitar/pedal board's signal in a 1/4 inch input, do all of the loopy looping, then run the new signal out a 1/4 inch guitar output into the amp!)


  • Hey,
    1. I'm afraid I don't know a great deal about hardware, but someone else may be able to help you there.
    2. Yep, that's the idea - all the usual actions are available via midi trigger (such as 'trigger record and select next track')
  • Question 1:
    There's a line out near the dock connector that would go into your amp or DI box.

    Question 2:
    Yes. But with an iRiffport, the connection would be taken up so you can't use a midi interface.
    Alesis is coming out with Amp Dock. It has midi and guitar inputs and a pedal board. But then your adding bulk and your moving into 'why don't I just get a laptop' territory.

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    Hi ,
    Just stumbled on to Loopy myself for the same reason.
    The easiest route for me was the alesis iPad io dock, Berhinger footswitch midi controller fc1010. Just started with all of this, but I am loving the simplicity of how this works. I don't want to spend hours upon hours figuring out how it works, I would much rather spend it on making music. Loopy tutorials make it pretty simple to understand.

  • @Boris / @Drazcmd,

    See the other thread about interfaces - there's a lot of options out there.

    As for the 'bulk' argument: iPad + Interface + Pedal vs. Laptop + Interface + Pedal.

    The iPad / laptop is the only variable for complex setups and, given that the iPad is both a touchable interface in itself and about half the size of most laptops (as well as being a considerably cheaper option - e.g. you'd still have to buy Mainstage / Ableton) - I've really appreciated the benefit of loopy over the software loop apps on a laptop.
  • I know this is off topic of the thread, but besides the fc1010. I'm wondering what other compatible foot switches work? Mainly, I was looking at the Roll MP128 Midibuddy or the Tech 21 midi moose or mouse (there's 2 kinds). However, as I'm not very verse in midi operation, I don't know whether they'll work. I'm staying away from the fc1010 simply out of bulk reasons.
    Anyone used the Rolls or Tech 21 option?
  • Hi Drazcmd
    I am currently running the exact rig that you are looking for.
    I have a Tascam iU2 which has a dock connector 3x1/4" inputs and 2x1/4" outs and does MIDI in and out.
    This connects to my Guitar effects pedal stereo output (Roland GR-55) my iPhone 4S / an FCB1010 (with UnO chip) to MIDI in on the iU2 and a pair of Titan 12" powered speakers.
    With the exception of reverse I have not found any looping function that I can't do on loopy with hands free midi foot pedal control.

    Total cost (excluding iPhone ) of replacing my Digitech Jamman stereo (£240) was less than £200

    iU2 £120
    FCB1010 £75

    But the increase in functionality is massive. You could argue that an RC-300 is more robust and stable (and it has some effects ) but for the price I really can;t think of a better solution than the iU2 and the FCB1010.

    Let me know if you have any questions and I can try and answer them for you
  • @SLICK1975
    How do you manage the uber short dock cable for IU2? Do you use a dock cable extender?
    Thanks for your help
    Ps. Got same set up only my guitar fx is gt-8 :)
  • The iu2 is very unreliable hardware wise. It stops working even when it's just sitting there being plugged in.
  • @sungocu
    Yeah the short cable is a PITA
    I have everything laid flat on a desk that has enough room to just slide my iPhone asound and get the orientation right for what ever app but its not ideal.
    No matter how long the cable it would still be an issue as some apps are landscape only and loopy is portrate only so unless you can deal with using an app at 90deg out then you will struggle!!

    I have heard lots of comments on this forun and others on the stability of the iU2 so there is probably truth in your statement. I can only say that I personally dont think I have seen the same debilitating cut outs using my set up and apps.

    I'm mostly using loopy, amplitube, amp kit, Jam up, Sunrizer, SHREDDER, NLog, so it may be an specific app or combination that causes the problem. OTOH it could well be a build / QA issue with the Tascam HW as it does feel pretty plastic.

  • I am very new to all this. I have an iPad 5.1.1 (9B206) and i am playing as a one man band in school assemblies. I play with a guitar, backing track and vocals. For the backing track i want to have one loop for the verse, one for the chorus, bridge etc. I want to move from one loop to the next by footswitch. What will need on top of the iPad to do this? A midi interface? Footswitch? At the moment i am using garageband to create a loop can i export a garageband loop to the loop app. Can garageband be used as a loop station like any other?

  • by the way my backing track is drums, bass etc

  • My set up is simple, yet effective. It is set up thusly: guitar>pedal board>iRig HD>iPad>stereo 1/8" that splits into mono 1/4" L & R>two amps.

    It's a bit more to carry a second amp around, but the stereo image is worth it!

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