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USB in, headphone out

edited January 2022 in Support and Feedback

Hi, I am using loopy pro with an sp404mk2. Unfortunately, the 404 adds usb in to the usb mix out leading to feedback (although in a not unpleasant chorusy way). Hopefully Roland will fix this in a future firmware but there is no guarantee,
One work-round is to host LP In Aum which let’s you input through usb-in and hear aum/LP’s master out through the headphones (if plugged-in!)

Does LP standalone allow this in the current version -if so, great if someone can point me to the right settings. If not, please could it be added to the feature request list.
It looks like Michael might have this on his list already:



  • In case anyone else gets stuck with this:
    1) plug the 404 in, get LP to pipe sound to and from the USB connection.
    2) Plug your headphones into the headphone socket on the ipad and LP Pro reroutes its output from the usb out to the headphone out.
    3) Now you can monitor on the ipad and still use the usb-in from the 404 but without the loopback.
    NB this only works on ipads with headphone jacks.

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